Starting your grant

Once contracting is completed, grant holders must complete and submit to us their project start certificate to activate their grant  This will state the start date of the grant and the point from which expenditure can be invoiced from.


Invoices must be submitted to quarterly in arrears, beginning from the start date as stipulated on the project start certificate. The invoice must quote the project reference and purchase order number, and must only include costs incurred during the corresponding claim period.

Expenditure should be broken down into the following four headings: staff costs, research expenditure, animal costs and other costs, as categorised in the Terms and Conditions of award. An itemised breakdown must be provided as a supporting document (including the name of any staff member whose salary is being met through this grant). Invoices and the expenditure break down should be submitted as a single pdf document.

Claims must be submitted within 30 days of the end of the corresponding claim period, except for the final claim, which must be submitted within six months of the end of the Grant Period. Your claim will not be reimbursed if it contains expenditure incurred more than six months before the claim period. Please note, final claims for each year will not be reimbursed until the delivery of a satisfactory progress report.

Progress reporting

It is vital we record the impact of our research funding, so that we can continue to demonstrate the value and importance of funding prostate cancer research and work to implement research findings. Hearing about papers you’ve published, follow-on funding and patents you secure on the back of our research funding means that we can understand early on in the life of a grant how your research is contributing to our goal of stopping prostate cancer from being a killer.

All grant holders are required to submit annual reports and a final report. If additional updates are required, grant holders will be notified in advance. We’ll also be following-up after your funding has come to an end. All progress report forms are available through the grant holder’s account in our online Grants Management System (CC Grant Tracker) and should be completed and submitted through this system.

Site visits

We want to hear about the progress being made with your research and are here to offer advice and support if you ever experience any delays or set-backs. We endeavour to meet up with every grant holder during the lifetime of their project and welcome invitations to visit you at your research institution.

Extension and change requests

We understand that research does not always go to plan and so we will consider requests for extensions or changes to the project. Any such request must be necessary and well justified, and must be approved by the Research team at Prostate Cancer UK. Please note that we are unlikely to agree to any changes which will result in an increase in the overall cost of the grant.

If you wish to make an extension or change request, please contact us at

Communicating your research

To increase our knowledge of prostate cancer, we need to be open in our communication and dissemination of the research we fund, and we expect the researchers we support to share this same ethos. This is so others may learn from and build upon this vital research, to maximise the impact and reach of the research we fund.

Please get in touch if you would like support with communicating your research. We have Press and Communication teams that can work with you and your research organisation to help promote your research.

For posters and presentations, a high-resolution logo can be requested from

Publication policy

All grant holders must comply with our Publication Policy (summarised below):

  • Results should be published in such a way that allows unrestricted access to the data and information, and the research must be made publicly available as soon as possible.
  • All research manuscripts accepted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal should be done so in an open access format in all but very exceptional circumstances. Electronic copies of all manuscripts must be made available via Europe PubMed Central as soon as possible, although certainly no later than 6 months from the date of publication.
  • Once the results have been published, any relevant data and materials must be made available to other researchers upon request (subject to ethics, approvals and Intellectual Property consideration).
  • Investigators must inform us as early as possible when the results of their work have been accepted for publication or presentation.
  • Researchers must acknowledge the financial support from Prostate Cancer UK in the following format: “This work was supported by Prostate Cancer UK through a [Award Type] ([GRANT REFERENCE]).”
Publication policy

Open Access Reimbursement Scheme

The research we support must be freely available to our supporters and to the research community through open access publication.

To support open access publication, we offer a fund to contribute to the fees levied by journals to publish open access through the Gold route.

This fund is only eligible for grants awarded under the 2016/17 Research Innovation Awards & Travelling Prize Fellowships schemes, and for all grants awarded in 2017/18 or later (grants awarded earlier than this could include open access fees within their project budget and so are not eligible for this scheme).

Full eligibility criteria and further information is detailed in the guidance notes. In summary, an article is only eligible for support from Prostate Cancer UK if it is an original article resulting from research directly funded by the charity. The paper must be reporting primary research and must have been accepted for publication in a recognised peer reviewed journal (as indexed in the PubMed journal list).

This is a limited resource and should only be used if institutional funds and/or other block grants to fund open access fees are not available.

Submissions should be made directly to the Prostate Cancer UK Research Team once the manuscript has been accepted for publication and before it is published. To request for reimbursement of open access fees, please read through the guidance notes and email a completed application form to

Guidance and application form

Making Progress: A networking day for early career researchers

We feel it is important to support and encourage the early career prostate cancer researchers, in order to build the next generation of leading prostate cancer researchers. That's why we hold an annual networking day for all the early career researchers we support.

This event provides a prime opportunity to establish connections with other researchers at a similar stage in their career as well as provide a forum for you to present your research findings. Furthermore, you will meet and hear from some of the leading prostate cancer researchers in the UK, learn more about the work of Prostate Cancer UK and obtain key skills and advice to help you forge a successful career in prostate cancer research. You can find out more information and how to sign-up here

Contact us

If you would like to get in touch regarding your grant, please contact your assigned Prostate Cancer UK Senior Research Officer. You can contact the Research Team by e-mailing or by phone on 020 3310 7258.