Lay information reviewers

Could you help review our health information?

Our Health Information team review and update all of our information every two to three years. To do this, we need UK-based volunteers to help us make sure the information is as useful as possible.

You don't need any expert knowledge or personal experience of prostate cancer – we just want to know if the information is easy to understand and answers all your questions.

The basics

  • You can help in your own time, from the comfort of your own home
  • You’ll be helping to make sure our information is helpful and easy to understand
  • You don’t need to have had any particular treatment – and we’re keen to hear from partners and family members too
  • Information will be sent to you by email or post
  • Should take no more than a few hours

We currently need lay reviewers for:

  • Diet, physical activity and your risk of prostate cancer (leaflet)
  • High dose-rate brachytherapy (fact sheet)
  • Enlarged prostate: A guide to diagnosis and treatment (booklet)
  • Our new information about darolutamide (Nubeqa®) (webpage)
  • Managing pain in advanced prostate cancer (fact sheet)
  • How prostate cancer is diagnosed (fact sheet)
  • Active surveillance (fact sheet)

Email us to get involved or find out more about any of the publications that we're currently reviewing.