Information and support from Prostate Cancer UK

This page has links to helpful information and support services from Prostate Cancer UK. You can use these resources to learn more about prostate cancer, get support and connect with other people with prostate cancer.

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Living with prostate cancer

Information to help you deal with the practical and emotional impact of living with and after prostate cancer.

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'How to manage' guides

These interactive online guides can help you take control of symptoms and side effects. There are guides on sex and relationships, fatigue and urinary problems.

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Understanding your test results

Information to help you understand your test results during follow-up or active surveillance.

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Our publications

Order free printed publications or read them online.

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Active surveillance

What to expect if you’re being monitored for low-risk localised (early) prostate cancer.

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Online community

Share your experiences with people who have been where you are.

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COVID-19 and prostate cancer

Answers to common questions, and ways to get support during the pandemic.

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Support groups

Find local support groups or get online access to the support you need.

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Specialist nurses

Ask all the questions you need answers to, or just talk. Prostate Cancer UK’s nurses have time for you.

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One to one support

Anyone affected by prostate cancer can talk with one of Prostate Cancer UK’s trained support volunteers.

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Sexual support

This nurse-led sexual support service can help you manage sexual problems caused by prostate cancer and its treatment.

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Fatigue support

Prostate Cancer UK’s nurse-led fatigue support service can help you manage tiredness and get back on track.

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Active surveillance online support group

An online support group for men who are on active surveillance.

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