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Our information about other prostate problems, information in different formats and languages, personal stories and further support.

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Support for family and friends

How to help someone with prostate cancer, where to get information and how to look after yourself.
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Real life stories

Men share their stories about diagnosis, treatment and side effects.
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Prostate problems

Information about common prostate problems.
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Rare cancers

Rarer conditions including neuroendocrine and gladular cancers.
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The different types of prostatitis and possible causes.
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Enlarged prostate

An enlarged prostate is common in men over the age of about 50.
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Common questions

Answers to some of the most common questions we receive.
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Biopsy: PIN and ASAP

Information for men diagnosed with PIN or ASAP after a biopsy.
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Medical words

Information for men diagnosed with PIN or ASAP after a biopsy.
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Useful organisations

Other sources of information that may be helpful to you.
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Other languages

A list of prostate cancer information available in other languages.
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Our awards

The certification and recognition we've received for our information.
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Email information

Tell us your email address and we’ll send you regular tips for living well with prostate cancer and after treatment, and how to get more support if you need it.
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Audio resources

Audio versions of our information materials.
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Help review our health information

We're looking for volunteer lay reviewers.
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