Speaking to your GP about your risk

Thank you for completing our online risk checker. If you’ve decided to speak to your GP about your risk of getting prostate cancer, the information on this page may be helpful.

Can I see a GP during the coronavirus pandemic?

Yes – your GP surgery is open and it’s important to contact them if you're worried about your risk of prostate cancer or have any unusual symptoms. You will probably have a phone or video appointment to discuss your concerns.

Your GP may then ask you to book another appointment if they want to see you in person – for example, if you decide to have a PSA blood test. Your GP surgery will have made changes to help prevent the spread of coronavirus – call them if you’re worried or want more information on this.

Information to help you talk to your GP

Before you speak to your GP, you might find it helpful to fill out this information sheet. It has space to write down any risk factors or symptoms you have and lists questions you might want to ask your doctor.

You could have the sheet in front of you when you talk to your GP, to help guide your conversation.

How do I find out more?

There’s lots of information available on our website, including more information about:

You can also speak to our Specialist Nurses on 0800 074 8383, or by email, Live Chat, social media or SMS. They can talk to you, a partner or anyone else at risk of prostate cancer about the risk factors and the tests used to help diagnose prostate cancer.

Can I reduce my risk?

You’ve reached this page because you have one or more risk factors for prostate cancer. You can’t change these things and no-one knows how to prevent prostate cancer. But staying a healthy weight – for example by having a healthy diet and taking regular exercise – may be important.

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