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Find the 14,000 men

Share our risk checker far and wide to find 14,000 undiagnosed men who haven’t started prostate cancer treatment because of the pandemic.

Find the 14,000 men

We've joined forces with the NHS and we need your help.

Because of the pandemic, over 14,000 men have not started treatment for prostate cancer. We need your help to find them.

Prostate cancer is very treatable if caught early, so it’s vitally important that these men are found quickly before their cancer spreads. 

You'll see our urgent message on TV, billboards, bus stops and newspapers across the UK, but we won’t find the 14,000 without people like you sharing our checker with your loved ones friends, and colleagues.

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Help find the 14,000 men. Take thirty seconds to share the risk-checker with your family, friends and colleagues. It could save a life.

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Talk to the men in your life about the risks of prostate cancer. If they don't go online much you can check their risk and have a vital conversation.
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How an email led to a diagnosis

Mark Nugent, 62, Wallsend, was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2018 after reading one of our health information leaflets at work and speaking to his GP. Mark has been encouraging friends and family to use the risk checker, even putting a link in his email signature. That email signature then led to his friend Nick's prostate cancer diagnosis.

Mark says: “Whether I’m sharing Prostate Cancer UK beer mats in the pub, wearing my Man of Men badge or sharing the risk checker – I know this makes a difference, and has encouraged friends like Nick to take action on their health.” 

Be like Mark: 8 ways to share the risk checker