Help men in your life understand their risk of Prostate Cancer

We have a huge job to do helping men to understand their risk of Prostate Cancer, and we hope you will be part of that lifesaving mission.

So, what can I do?

To help us reach as many men as possible with information about prostate cancer risk and to encourage informed action,  we have a range of awareness materials to help you raise awareness in your community. These resources are easy to use and share and you can download or order them online using the links below.

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Tell the men you love to check their risk

Share a link to our 30 secs Risk Checker with the men in your life to help them understand their personal risk of Prostate Cancer.

Go to the Risk checker

You can have lifesaving conversations

Sign up to our Lifesaving conversations programme for all the information you need to start talking about prostate cancer – Find out more

Find out more

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Raise awareness with every email

Attach our awareness video to your email signature to spread vital information about Prostate Cancer.

Watch the video

Distribute information booklets

Download or order our publications and share with your employees or colleagues.

Our publications

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Share the message at the office

Show our campaign video 'What on earth is a Prostate' at your staff meeting.

Watch the video

Take the floor

Deliver our user-friendly awareness presentation – here is a deck of slides, with notes, to share our key messages about prostate cancer risk.

Awareness Presentation

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Challenge people's preconceptions 

Share our brand video to help others understand the lifesaving work of Prostate Cancer UK, and that Prostate Cancer is not "the good cancer".

Watch the video

Tell the men in your life about the support we offer

Share links to our website and our Specialist Nurses helpline.

Get support

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