This year Prostate Cancer UK is the proud official charity partner of Non-League Day (7 October 2017) and we're asking football fans to support their non league club and wear our badge with pride.

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Non-League Day was launched in 2010 as an event to give non-league clubs in the English National League System a chance to promote themselves during an international break when Premier League and EFL Championship clubs have the weekend off and England are not playing on the Saturday.

Find the nearest games to you and show your support for Prostate Cancer UK and Non-League Day. 

Non-League Day 2017 Map


How to order your badge

Getting your hands on one of our badges is easy.

Just text BADGE to 70004, to donate £5 and we'll send you a badge in the post.


There's lots of other ways you can get involved with Non-League Day, such as organising a march to the match, taking part in a collection or getting your local pub involved.

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Personal stories

"I wanted to give back after receiving such fantastic support and advice"

Known by the St. Albans City FC faithful as club mascot Sammy the Saint, Phill Coates tells us how the support he received from our Specialist Nurses helped him through his own devastating diagnosis with prostate cancer, and why he wants more men to be aware of the disease.

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