Getting relationship support

Prostate cancer can hit relationships hard. You might struggle to be open with your partner or have difficulty being intimate. The important thing is if you need someone to talk to, we're here.

Thanks to our partnerships with Relate and Relationship Scotland, you can talk to professional about how prostate cancer is affecting your relationships, online or face to face.

What can I talk about?

Many people find talking to a relationship professional can help explore their feelings around difficult subjects. It can provide you with the time and space to discuss difficult topics with a specialist who will support you.

Commonly discussed topics include:

  • being able to open up to your partner
  • sexual issues
  • intimacy
  • how you show affection
  • hopes and fears

Get face to face support

Relate and Relationship Scotland offers confidential counselling that provides the opportunity to talk about your relationship and how it has been or might be affected by a prostate cancer diagnosis. They both provide one-to-one counselling and support in numerous centres across the UK. Support is also available over the phone, and via email.

Or you can call your local service directly. Please see the list below for the phone number and office opening hours. Please mention that you found this service via the Prostate Cancer UK website.

Find a Relate service near you