WhatsApp our specialist nurses

How to WhatsApp us

Open WhatsApp on your mobile

If you’re visiting this page on a desktop computer, switch to your mobile and enter: prostatecanceruk.org/wa in your mobile browser. You will then be able to click on the link which will open WhatsApp. 

A Specialist Nurse is available to respond to your message Monday- Friday between 9am and 6pm. If your message was sent after 6pm on a Friday, over the weekend or on a bank holiday we will not receive this message. Please contact us again during our opening hours.  

Please note due to WhatsApp business policy, we cannot respond to any message older than 24 hours. 

Data Protection

In order to protect your privacy, Prostate Cancer UK will delete the chat they’ve had with you after one month. If you contact us again after that month the Specialist Nurses will see your message as a completely new chat and won’t have any information regarding previous chats.  We are unable to delete the message thread on your phone and therefore this will still be visible to you and others with access to your phone unless you decide to delete it.  

Your messages to the Specialist Nurses through the WhatsApp service will be kept confidential. Rarely, we may have to break this confidentiality, this may be in cases where the nurses believe you or others are at risk of harm. For further details on confidentiality please review the Prostate Cancer UK privacy policy

As WhatsApp is a third-party service Prostate Cancer UK cannot accept liability for data held by WhatsApp or breaches of that data. Security of data cannot be guaranteed in messages you send to us through WhatsApp. For more information, please read WhatsApp’s privacy policy and terms of service