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The volunteer team write...

On this page you’ll find everything you’ll need to do your bit as part of Men United and Prostate Cancer UK. If you have any questions or think there’s something here we haven’t included, please get in touch:

Thanks again for all your help and support.

Speaker volunteer resources

These resources are only for those volunteers who have been trained as speaker volunteers.

Generating talks

The volunteer Facebook group

We have a closed group on Facebook for all our dedicated volunteers. Here we answer some frequently asked questions about the group.

Request access
  • What is the group for?  

    This space is exclusively for Prostate Cancer UK volunteers to share ideas and experience and to get to know each other.

    We wanted to give volunteers a space where they can talk freely with each other about their volunteering experiences, prostate cancer or just get to know other volunteers. 

    One of the principal reasons people volunteer is so get to know new people or meet people who have been through a similar experience and as most of our volunteering activities happen remotely or independently we wanted to make sure you had an outlet to network, no matter where in the UK you are based.

  • How do I join the group?  

    To join the group you just need to log into your Facebook account and follow this link.

    At a first glance you won't be able to see any posts or photos as it is a closed group. Click on the “Request to Join Group” button. We will then approve your request as soon as possible.

    Once approved you will be able to view posts, comment on them and post your own messages and photos.

  • What does a closed group mean?  

    A closed group means it is private. So only approved members can join the group and view the content that is posted by yourself and fellow volunteers.

    Your other friends on Facebook wont be able to see what you comment on our post in the group (unless they are also members) or you change your privacy settings.

  • What if I don’t have Facebook?  

    You have to be a registered Facebook user in order to join the group.

    If you wanted to join the group and don’t currently have Facebook you can register for an account.

    We realise Facebook isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but wanted to make it an option for those that do use it. We will continue to hold or Volunteer Network Days, Meet and Greets and other events to give you the opportunity to network with other volunteers so that no one is left out.

  • Can I use the group to help find volunteers for activities that I organise?  

    Yes, it is fine to post a call-out to other volunteers for any events you have organised however please remember that all volunteers have already be trained for that role (if appropriate) in order to help out. So please do just let us know if you have arranged for some of your fellow volunteers to take part.

  • Can we arrange meetups with other volunteers through the group?  

    Yes, we are happy for you to use the group to arrange get-togethers with each other, however please be aware this is at your own risk. We will not be able to cover costs for any room hire, event costs or volunteer expenses.

  • How is the group moderated?  

    The Volunteer Team moderates the group to make sure volunteers follow the code of conduct and are being respectful for one another.

    However we need your help as well – if you ever spot a comment or post that you think is inappropriate please click on the “report post/comment” button. This will notify us that there may be inappropriate content on the group.