Our volunteer hubs

Northern Ireland


The NI Hub coordinator is Frank, and the hub is very active in raising awareness and assisting with fundraising events such as March for Men. They have over 20 volunteers and although meetings are held in Belfast, the Hub covers all of Northern Ireland. The Hub meets every six weeks; however, these are now being held virtually since lockdown.

The NI Hub has been building relationships with Health Trusts, Construction Companies, Government Departments, Community Groups, and local Charities, including Macmillan. Some of our volunteers have been carrying out virtual talks with many organisations, groups, Health Trusts now keen to work with us to raise awareness of prostate cancer.

They are always looking for new members to join, so if you like to get involved or find out more about the Hub then please get in touch: fmcnally@hotmail.co.uk



Made up of about 10 volunteers, this hub helps us with delivering awareness activities in Wales and has recently been involved in our new virtual awareness service.

Members have been involved in raising awareness at Safran Seats, the Office of National Statistics, and at the local Fire and Rescue Service. Awareness requests are increasing around the Cardiff area including HSBC, New Law Solicitors, and the University of Cardiff.

The hub is always looking for new members, so if you would like to join or would like more information, then please contact us at volunteer@prostatecanceruk.org.



This hub has 25 members who meet in Birmingham, but this has now changed to virtual meetings. A good number of them support our Stronger Knowing More campaign while others have helped us build strong relationships with the car industry.

Members of the hub have been involved in delivering awareness talks to our charity partner EDF and have also been involved with the construction industry and local authorities.

Our volunteer hub facilitator Aidan has also been busy supporting others with zoom training, which has really helped our volunteers in becoming more confident with delivering virtual awareness talks.

North East England


Our Newcastle volunteer hub has been very active in raising awareness from Northumberland to Teeside! Volunteers have been busy cultivating relationships with the Centre for Life and the NUCC in Newcastle. Members of the hub continue to raise awareness virtually and have been delivering talks at various places, including Redrow Construction, Alun Griffiths Construction, and Rotary Clubs.

North West England

North West England Hub

Continuously expanding, this hub is now one of the biggest in England, with 20 regular members attending meetings.

Before lockdown, Chris and Marie were busy hosting a series of awareness stands at the local ASDA's, Tesco's, and they were also involved in the Rugby Masters.

The hub continues to raise awareness virtually and has given talks at various organisations, including HSBC and HMRC.

Lancashire & Cumbria Hub

This hub is made up of 6 members and Andy is the hub facilitator. The hub has worked closely with the local Macmillan teams and has been building strong relationships with Rotary Clubs.

Members of the hub are now delivering virtual awareness talks at various organisations.

I think the hub idea is good as it brings together people who can share ideas/ experiences/ encourage people to continue their involvement.
Pauline R Local Volunteer


Scottish Hub

There are currently 10 members of the Scottish hub and the hub facilitator is Ann, who has been volunteering for Prostate Cancer UK for 8 years. They are from all walks of life and share an enthusiasm for volunteering for Prostate Cancer UK. All of them have been touched by Prostate Cancer in some way.

The hub members take part in various activities, such as building relationships with local businesses and organisations, raising awareness virtually, encouraging people to visit our website, sharing our inspiring and informative videos, and reviewing our publications.

They are passionate about bringing Prostate Cancer UK to the attention of friends, families, and contacts.

The hub meets once a month, via zoom. During the meeting, they chat, support each other, and share what they have been doing for the charity. If you would like to join the hub or would like more information, then please contact Ann at a.graham119@btinternet.com.

South East England

East Sussex & Kent hub

This hub is made up of 6 volunteers and they have been active with Redrow construction sites in Kent. Terry, the hub facilitator, is a long-standing supporter and a very active volunteer in the area. Terry and other hub members have been busy delivering virtual awareness talks. 

Surrey hub

With approximately 8 volunteers, Allan the hub facilitator has already established strong links with the local community, while the rest of the volunteers raise awareness and funds at construction sites and Men's Sheds groups, as well as initiatives like Men's Health Awareness Days at various companies. 

The hub was also involved with delivering a series of awareness events at Coca Cola and they continue to raise awareness virtually.


This hub has 10 volunteers and they have been busy delivering a range of awareness activities to local police and council offices. Some members have also been involved in our virtual awareness service.

South West England


This hub has approximately 8 volunteers. One of our volunteers, John, has built strong relationships with Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service and has received a communication from their Chief Fire Officer for his voluntary work, educating service personnel on prostate cancer over the last few years.

I enjoy being part of a group of people who have the same aims with me in respect to men’s health in general and prostate cancer in particular. Volunteering has given me an intellectual and social stimulation and gave me a wide base of friends I wouldn't have otherwise.
John M Local Volunteer


Leeds Hub

Our 22 Yorkshire volunteers are very active and meet virtually every month. The hub has been busy building relationships with local Sikh Gurdwaras, and they continue to deliver virtual awareness talks at Construction Sites, banks, and local organisations.

Our volunteer hub facilitators Janet and Ruth have been busy helping launch our virtual awareness service and have also been a great support to our other volunteers.