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The Prostate Cancer Memorial

Celebrate the life of your loved one

The Prostate Cancer Memorial is a remembrance sculpture dedicated to the husbands, dads, uncles and grandads who’ve been lost to prostate cancer. 

This striking, ten-foot tall, mirrored steel pyramid is a spectacular display of love and loss. It’s a celebration of so many unique and remarkable lives. 

Visit the memorial

The memorial can be found in Cardiff Central Station from 26 September 2023 – 29 January 2024.  

Here it stands tall, helping to raise vital awareness of this devastating disease and giving us a place to remember the lives of the men we’ve lost to prostate cancer. 

If you have any queries about the memorial, please drop us an email and we'll be happy to help.

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“Having Doug’s name added to the memorial feels like such a special way to remember him. I miss him terribly but I’m so lucky to have my family supporting me. I’ll always keep his memory alive.”

Michelle Blythe, supporter of The Prostate Cancer Memorial 

Making a difference

The Prostate Cancer Memorial is helping to fund lifesaving research projects to find better ways to diagnose and treat men. 
Thanks to researchers like Dr Kelly Coffey and her team at Newcastle University, we are closer to making personalised prostate cancer treatment a reality, reducing uncertainty, and giving men the best possible treatment for them. 

Read more about Dr Coffey’s work

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Stay up to date

If you’d like to find out more about The Prostate Cancer Memorial and how to add your loved one's name to it, please  register your interest and we’ll get in touch with you.

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