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Are you a Freemason, or a member of another group? Your enthusiasm and expertise is invaluable to us.

A brother like you

Colin Taylor, past Master of Integrity Lodge 380 in Leeds, was diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer in June 2011 aged just 50.

After chatting to his wife about irregular trips to the loo and not feeling quite himself during sex, Colin visited his doctor. A blood test revealed that Colin had a high PSA and he was referred to a specialist for an MRI scan. The scan confirmed the aggressive nature of his cancer.

The Urologist Specialist had given me a leaflet from Prostate Cancer UK, which helped me understand all the jargon that I had heard. This was an invaluable tool to me.
Colin Freemason

Just six months after his trip to the doctor, Colin had his prostate successfully removed. His cancer had been caught early enough not to have spread outside of the prostate. A clear margin was revealed around the operated area and Colin was told he was in remission.

A brother just like you, Colin who is also a father and grandfather, found the support he and his family received from the Prostate Cancer UK specialist nurses invaluable. He decided he wanted to give something back.

Since 2012, Colin has dedicated much of his time, outside of his full time employment, to delivering awareness talks and raising funds to support our lifesaving work.

The facts

One man dies every 45 minutes from prostate cancer

Colin is one of the lucky ones. Prostate Cancer is the most common cancer in men. Some 47,000 men will be diagnosed in 2018 and 11,000 men will die from this disease. That’s one man dying every 45 minutes. Sadly, there isn’t a lodge in the country that doesn’t have a personal link to prostate cancer. That’s why it’s important for brethren everywhere to be aware. 

In the UK, about 1 in 8 men will get prostate cancer at some point in their lives. Older men, men with a family history of prostate or breast cancer and black men are more at risk.


Prostate cancer mainly affects men over 50, and your risk increases with age. The average age for men to be diagnosed with prostate cancer is between 65 and 69 years


Black men are more likely to get prostate cancer than other men. We don’t know why, but it might be linked to genes. In the UK, about 1 in 4 black men will get prostate cancer at some point in their lives.

Get support

If you or anyone in your lodge are concerned about prostate cancer or prostate problems we can help. We provide a range of information and support so you can choose the services that work for you. All our services are open to men, their family and their friends.

Raise awareness in your province

There are a number of brethren already working to raise awareness in and beyond their provinces. Join them by helping to raise awareness about prostate cancer in one of the following ways.

  • Order a box of our pin badges to share at your lodge. 
  • Make a donation, and help shape the future for men and their families.
  • Book a talk. We address groups of all sizes across the country.
  • Shop for our merchandise and show your support.
  • Share your own story with us, and help inspire others.
  • Nominate us as a charity to be supported at your lodge.
  • Dedicate an event to raise funds and awareness for prostate cancer.
  • Place an advert for Prostate Cancer UK in your regional publications.

If you have any additional ideas how you can help, or you’d like to be put in touch with existing volunteering brethren, email [email protected]

Our strategy

Deaths from prostate cancer are set to soar over the next decade if we don't act now.

In 2018 one man every 45 minutes will die from prostate cancer in the UK. That’s 11,000 men this year. Based on current trends, this number will rise to over 14,500 men a year by 2026. 47,000 men will be diagnosed over the next 12 months.

But research predicts a 30% increase in the annual number of men diagnosed over the next 10 years, rising to over 59,000 by 2026. And the population of men living with and after a diagnosis of prostate cancer is set to nearly double by 2030, to 620,000. Prostate cancer is currently the most common cancer in men, accounting for 25% of all cancer diagnoses.

By 2030, prostate cancer is set to become the most common cancer overall in the UK. But we’ve got a plan, one we hope will stop prostate cancer being a killer.

A practical plan for progress

To tame prostate cancer, we will focus our attention on four priority areas:

Better diagnosis – we will develop a better tool to find and treat aggressive cancers earlier and spot the non-aggressive ones to avoid unnecessary treatments. We want to achieve a diagnostic tool that is reliable enough to be able to introduce a national screening programme for prostate cancer. We already have encouraging news on the development of the current PSA test (read more here). But,this simply won’t happen if we don’t pull out all the stops with our fundraising for research.

Better treatment – We will identify the differences in prostate cancer between individual men and work out the best treatment for each one.  We will be able to help doctors tell if something is or isn’t working faster, before symptoms appear.

Better prevention – We will understand which men are at a high risk and treat or monitor them more effectively. We will find out what we need to know to stop cancer cells growing and spreading.

Better support – We need to continue to provide the best support for men and their families facing prostate cancer today. We need to ensure that the support men receive is consistent across the UK and of the highest quality.

We've got a plan. We've got the ambition. We've got no time to lose.

If you or someone at your lodge wants to help up beat prostate cancer sooner, call or email us at [email protected].

Help deliver the final blow

If you’d like the Freemasons to go down in history as delivering the final blow to prostate cancer, contact us to find out just what we need to achieve our ambitious programme. Prostate Cancer UK is the leading men’s health charity in the UK. Whatever your capacity to give, support or raise awareness, we have the most comprehensive plan to stop prostate cancer being a killer and we want to hear from you and how you can be a part of the journey. Read our full ten-year strategy

If you or someone at your lodge wants to help up beat prostate cancer sooner, call or email us at [email protected].