What is the 2.6 challenge?

This is a challenge for everyone - all you need to do is think of an activity based around the numbers 26 or 2.6 and complete it on or from Sunday 26 April. 

Research labs across the UK have closed due to the lockdown, but our heroic fundraisers aren’t letting the Covid-19 crisis stop them from going above and beyond to ensure our progress isn’t lost. Join them and take part in the 2.6 Challenge and help raise money to make sure this life saving research can continue. 

It could be as simple as using your daily exercise to run 2.6 miles, doing 26 minutes of yoga or 26 star jumps. Or do something different and flip 26 pancakes, hop 26m or make 26 balloon animals. The choice is yours! 


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How to get involved

It's easy to join us for the 2.6 Challenge

It's easy to join us for the 2.6 Challenge.

    1. Think up your 2.6 challenge - it can be anything you want, big or small, as long as it's to related to the numbers 2 and 6
    2. Head to this page to start your fundraising - you can donate any amount yourself or set up a fundraising page to raise as much as you can
    3. Share your fundraising page - remind your friends and family what you've been up to, and challenge them to do their own 2.6 Challenge
    4. Complete your challenge - don't forget to share it on social media with #TwoPointSixChallenge

Looking for ideas?

It's time to get creative with your challenge!


Here's a few of our ideas and there's more here, but we can't wait to see what you come up with.


Run 2.6km

Skip 26m

Do 26 push ups

Plank for 2.6 minutes

Climb the stairs 26 times

Juggle for 2.6 minutes

Hula hoop 26 times

Dance for 26 minutes

You can do whatever you'd like, but join us and fundraise for us in the 2.6 Challenge.


The rules

1. Each person taking part is encouraged to raise £26 for Prostate Cancer UK.


2. Your challenge can be whatever you'd like, as long as it's to do with 2 and 6. 


3. You must keep your safety as a priority and follow any government advice. 


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Download the 2.6 Challenge factsheet for more info. 



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