Move for Men

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Take on our 30 day challenge

We’re challenging you to Move for Men, by completing either 15, 30 or 60 minutes of exercise a day for 30 days, to keep busy and to raise money to help us beat prostate cancer.

Our Specialist Nurse service has seen a huge increase in contacts, and you can help us answer those phones. You can show #MenWeAreWithYou by signing up now to Move the Month.

The Challenge

Choose how you move, when you move, and for how long. It’s your move so make it count.


Walk, run, yoga or HIIT - the choice is yours


Pick a start date that suits you and move for the next 30 days


15, 30 or 60 minutes a day - what ever works for you

Ready to move?

Run? HIIT? Yoga?

Move in a way that suits you for 30 days

Join the challenge

Why get involved?

There’s plenty of benefits to getting moving. Here’s our top 5:

  • Burn the calories - if you’re anything like our team, snacks are getting you through the day! Have something else to look forward to, that helps you maintain a healthy weight by burning calories.
  • There are so many other health benefits - getting moving can also help to reduce stress and lower your blood pressure. Keeping active can also give you an energy boost.
  • Help us beat prostate cancer - the money you raise from taking part in our Move for Men challenge will help fund our services supporting men.
  • Get into a routine - we’ve all heard how it helps if we can maintain a regular routine, but that’s a bit tricky at the moment! Schedule some time each day to get moving.
  • Entertain yourself - there’s only so much Netflix or daily briefings we can watch. Get off the sofa and keep entertained in new fun ways. Try that Zumba class you’ve always fancied, perfect a new yoga move or beat a personal best.
Join the challenge

The rules

1. Each person taking part is encouraged to raise £50 for Prostate Cancer UK.

2. You can do your movements however you’d like, just get moving!

3. Track your movements digitally via an app on your phone, a pedometer or using our calendar.

4. Each individual is responsible for keeping track of their own movements.

5. You must keep your safety as a priority, and follow any government advice.


Ready to move? Join the challenge. 


How can I move?

There’s lots of ways to hit your daily target, whether it’s keeping up your normal exercise routine or trying something new.


What if I skip a day?

We all have our off days, so don’t worry. But this is a challenge, so you could try to make up the time over the rest of the week. You could try a new YouTube workout, add another lap to your regular running route or hold your yoga poses for an extra few seconds each.


What’s the best way to track your movement?

This challenge is all about keeping busy and active, so we trust you to be sticking to the times you challenged yourself to! If you want to keep track, you could use an app like Strava or Map My Fitness, or download our calendar and add in what you’ve done each day.


How can I fundraise?

Once you’ve decided to Move for Men, there’s loads of great ways to fundraise. Sign up and we’ll help you set up a JustGiving page and send you tips to make your challenge a success. 


How much does it cost?

It’s free to sign up and take part. As for fundraising, we're suggesting that you raise a minimum of £50 - but we'd like you to aim higher.


I want to wear a Prostate Cancer UK top whilst I Move for Men, where can I get one?

You can kit yourself out on our online shop.


How can I see what other people are doing?

We’ll be posting regular updates as well as Move inspiration to get you started or to help give you that boost mid way through your challenge. Don’t forget to post your #MoveForMen snaps!


Who can take part?

Anyone and everyone! We want you all to be able to Move for Men to help us raise vital funds to keep doing the work we do. Move the way you want each day for time that works for you. 


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