Maximising your fundraising total

First up: creating a JustGiving page

JustGiving is a quick, easy way to create a fundraising page for an individual or team and help get your friends involved in what you’re doing, and you’ll want to have the best possible page to make the most of your event.

Once you've set up

  1. Personalise your page by adding photos and a message so family and friends know what you are doing.
  2. Email your page to friends and colleagues and link to it through Facebook and Twitter.
  3. Your friends, colleagues and family can make donations to you online by debit or credit card.

JustGiving will let us know when you’ve set up a page and the money is transferred automatically to us so you don't have to chase any cash or cheques. Gift Aid is also collected automatically. Please let us know when you’ve finished fundraising so we can thank you.

Create a fundraising page

Raise your page's game

Raising money online can often be the simplest, quickest and easiest way to raise sponsorship. However, it can seem like everyone has an online donation page now, which is why we’ve put together this handy guide to help you make your page stand out amongst the crowd and to help you smash your fundraising total.

1. Make your page stand out

With so many fundraising pages being created on a daily basis, think about how you can make yours stand out amongst the crowd. Add photos, videos or a blog to your page and show people how hard you’re working on your challenge. We've put together an example of a good fundraising page.

2. Update your story

Tell people why you’re doing your event. Personal stories add meaning to your event, and when you share your passion with people they will be more inclined to donate to your cause.

3. Ask generous friends and family first

Once your page is set up, ask a generous friend or family member to make the first donation. Studies have shown that people tend to match existing donations on the page.

4. Share your page on social media and by email

Make sure you get your send your page out to all your colleagues, contacts, friends and family on email and social media sites and encourage them to share your page with their friends. Remember to include a link to your page!

5. Regular reminders

Keep your contacts updated with how you’re doing. If you’ve just completed an amazing training run, if the venue for your event has been confirmed or if you’ve just bought the new wetsuit you plan to wear at the event then tell them about it! Combine these updates with a link to your page and a reminder to donate. You can even give updates on how close you are to your total and offer a prize to the person whose donation takes you over a certain amount!

If you've any questions about your page or anything else to do with your fundraising, call us on 0800 082 1616 or contact us online

Create a fundraising page