Everyone loves tea and cake

They do, it’s a fact. So put on a brew, get baking and help beat the most common cancer in men.

It’s simple: get your friends and family together, host a Brew & Bake event, and raise much needed cash to help our researchers find the answers men everywhere desperately need.

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Whether you’d like to brew up a coffee morning or a cake sale, we have inspirational ideas to help you get started.

Dad would have been over the moon to know we have raised money to fund research and awareness of the disease.

- Joanna Coleman

How to do it

1: Where and when?

First things first: pick a date and pick a place. It could be your house, a local coffee shop, a park, at work, or even outside in your street.

2: Let us know

Register with us! We’ll send you fundraising materials, and be on hand with all the advice you need to make the day a roaring success.

3: Spread the word

Instagram, Facebook, email and Twitter - oh my! Promote your event far and wide using #BrewAndBake and our handy poster. Invite everyone – friends, family, work pals. Some will eat, some will bake, and some will help you run the day. Tell us too, and we’ll help you get the message out there!

4: The fiddly bits

  • Keep a list of ingredients, and use our cake labels to highlight nuts, dairy, gluten etc. - you don't want people with allergies to be turning blue!
  • If you're collecting money, you'll need permission from the owner of your venue, or a permit from the local council if you're holding your event on public property.
  • Keep it safe by following basic hygiene principles when handling food.
  • Get printing! We'll post fundraising materials to you when you sign up, but you'll also want our print pack with bunting, posters, cake labels and instructions.

Cake Sale

5: Get baking

Make sure you have everything you need for the day. Local supermarkets, shops or cafes may be willing to provide some food and drink for free for your event, so don’t be afraid to ask!

6: Let them eat cake

Take time to enjoy the event with your guests.

Download our cake labels

7: Wrap up

Once everything's packed away, thank all your guests for coming and giving so generously. Say a public thank you on social media by sharing all your photos; you may even get a few last minute donations from friends who couldn’t make the day. And do share them with us - we want everyone to know that you're doing your bit to stop prostate cancer being a killer. We've also got thank you posters you can use.

8: Pay in

When all of the pennies are counted, you can send them in by online donation, over the phone on 0800 082 1616, by post or by direct bank transfer (contact us for details!)

Top tips to raise extra money

Sally Lucas and family

  • Place a collection tin near the door to encourage guests to make a donation when they arrive
  • Remind your guests to bring cash on the day
  • Holding a raffle is a great way to boost your fundraising, but be sure to remember two things: you should only sell tickets at the event, and the winner should be drawn on the day.
  • Selling tickets beforehand can work, but there are some additional guidelines you'll need to follow. Sign up and get in touch so we can advise you.
  • Add a competitive element - a bake off, best bake, or guess the weight of the cake competition will all help raise the stakes, raise the cakes and raise more money.
  • Mix it up - ask people to bring their second hand books and host a book sale at the same time.