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How to recruit

When it comes to collecting it really is the more the merrier! Encourage your friends and family to join Men United and come along to join you on the day, the more people who help at each collection the more money we’re able to raise to help men with prostate cancer.

  • Get chatting: word of mouth is always the most effective way to recruit volunteers, ask your family, friends and colleagues to help spread the word about what you’re doing. 
  • Events: are there any upcoming local events you can go along to with some promotional information? Especially if they’re football related.
  • Your contacts: are you a member of a social club, society, work community or other voluntary organisation that would help you promote and recruit for your collection?
  • Social media: can you tweet, Facebook post, or blog on relevant local forums?
  • Talk to fans: if you know any fans of the club ask them to help spread the word (all volunteers will get a free ticket to the game).
  • Posters: distribute our posters around the town – utilise noticeboards in sports centres and gyms, sixth form colleges, job centres, local shops such as a supermarket (although some may make a small charge).

Please note - Registrations for collections will close the Wednesday before the collection. Please ensure you and your contacts register before this point to guarantee everyone’s place. Please register at

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact your volunteer support officer directly or email [email protected].

Handy hints and tips whilst fundraising

  • Collect together: you will be paired up on the day so why not recruit a friend, family member or colleague and collect together? You’ll be doubly visible, have double the fun and might raise double the funds, too.
  • Be prepared: pack for all weathers, be sure to bring layers, waterproofs and, if needed, a hat and gloves too. And don’t forget warm socks. If bad weather is forecast, plan ahead to see if there’s somewhere under cover you can stand.
  • Pick the perfect position:If you can, find a busy spot where people are likely to have cash to hand. Try standing near places where people will be spending money e.g. burger vans, programme sellers or the superstore. But remember not to get in people’s way.
  • Get noticed: Please always wear your charity tabard so fans can see who you are collecting for. Be visible, make eye contact, say hello to people and tell them you are collecting for Prostate Cancer UK, you could even try wishing them luck for the match.
  • Be easy to approach: Smile and make eye contact – people are more likely to approach if you look friendly. Talk to people about their donation and always thank them.
  • Be open: Wear your collector’s tabard and carry the letter of authority in case anyone asks to see it. Ask the fans to put all donations into the collection bucket. If you need the toilet or a quick break, leave your collection bucket with another collector or return it to the team leader.
  • Be safe: In the unlikely event that someone tries to take your collection bucket, then put your safety first and give up the bucket. Report the incident to the nearest security guard and team leader so they can contact the police and the on-call Prostate Cancer UK staff member.
  • Remember why you’re collecting: Boost your energy and put a spring in your step by reminding yourself that the money you’re collecting is helping beat prostate cancer.
  • Keep everyone in the loop: check Twitter, look out for the manager wearing our badge and our ad in the programme.

Lines from last year

Geoff Douglass is one of our most successful fundraisers, below are some of the secrets of his success.

  • Always look happy and approachable.
  • Make eye contact.
  • Be friendly and joke with people giving a donation and always thank them.
  • Say hello to people and tell them you are collecting for Prostate Cancer UK.
  • Wish them luck for the match.
  • Try standing near places where people will be spending money e.g. burger vans, programme sellers, the superstore.

Some of his tried and tested phrases:

  • "Let’s have your small change, you’ll only need notes when you buy your beer inside."
  • "Make sure the (opposition) fans don’t give more than you!"
  • "Spend a penny for prostate cancer!"
  • "Donate to Prostate Cancer UK; it’s an investment in your future!"

And let everyone know what else is going on at the game – check Twitter, look out for the manager wearing our badge and our advert in the programme.

Important documents

  • Complete the expenses claim form (PDF) to claim back your expenses. We reimburse up to £20 per volunteering day.

Any questions?

Whether you're thinking of collecting or have already registered, we've got your answers here.

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