Your own March for Men FAQs

Find answers to our frequently asked questions. 

Please email us if you don't find what you're looking for, and we'll be happy to help. 

March for Men is a 2.5, 5 or 10km walk where our community comes together up and down the country to share stories, celebrate loved ones, and walk in solidarity towards a better future for Men. 

On Sunday 2 June, thousands will come together in Battersea Park to take on March for Men. For those that can’t join us in London, we’re encouraging you to organise your own March for Men from wherever you are, to help raise awareness and save men in your community.  

Choose to walk 2.5, 5 or 10km and help raise vital prostate cancer awareness in your community. Whether you walk from park-to-park, take on laps, or choose one looped route, this is your walk, your way.    

  1. Register your own walk so we can send you a t-shirt and fundraising tips 
  2. Choose a distance and find a route you’d like to walk near you 
  3. Tell your friends, family and community and invite them to join you 
  4. Raise vital fundraising and awareness to help save men’s lives 
  5. Take on your walk on the first weekend of June 


Generally you shouldn't need to get permission to organise your own march for men in your local park/area. However if you are planning a route that involves any private land, please make sure to get the correct permissions. 

If you are taking on a solo March for Men, please do make sure that you keep safe and let someone know your plans (and let them know when you'll be finished so they can celebrate with you!)  

We recommend reaching out to friends, family and colleagues to see if they’d like to join you. Sharing on social media or directly contacting people over email or phone are always great ways to let people know what you’re planning or to ask for donations. You could also make a poster to put up on noticeboards in your local community. 

We recommend walking around your local park or green space, however if you don’t have access to a park and simply want to walk 2.5, 5 or 10km on another route on the 1st or 2nd of June you’re more than welcome to.  

March for Men is a walking event, so on 1st and 2nd June thousands of people from our March for Men community will be walking at Battersea Park or up and down the country. We’d recommend you take on your March for Men as a walk if possible.

When you sign up to organise your own March for Men, we’ll send you a March for Men t-shirt and a fundraising pack. If you raise £50, we’ll also send you a medal after you’ve completed your march to say thank you.  

You’ll also have access to our friendly Facebook March for Men group and the support of our March for Men team on hand to help with any questions. 

Yes, please send us an email to [email protected] where one of our friendly team will be able to help arrange this.  

If you are planning a larger march in your area, you may need to consider if you need any event insurance, or if you need to look at putting together a risk assessment. Please get in touch with us at [email protected] if you want to discuss your options further.  

Absolutely! Follow the steps below to set yourselves up as a team on JustGiving:

  1. Ask each member of your team to register for the event on our website
  2. During registration you will each be asked to set up a JustGiving Fundraising page
  3. Once you have all registered and have your JustGiving pages follow this guide on JustGiving to create and invite members to your team

No you don’t need to pay a registration fee to organise your own March for Men walk

We do not take registration details for children, however we’d love for children to join you on your walk. As the parent or guardian of any children you walk with, you must accompany them at all times during the event and accept full responsibility for them.

Once you’ve completed your walk, you can log your walk on your fundraising page so your supporters know you’ve completed it! Don’t forget to add some photos!

We recommend taking on your March for Men on the 1st or 2nd June, the same weekend as our March for Men event in London. There’ll be many supporters on that weekend coming together up and down the country taking on their own March for Men walks in solidarity.  

If you’re not able to take part that weekend, please let us know when you register so we can best support your plans.  

Yes, when you sign up you can select what size t-shirt you want and the delivery address. We’ll then send these out to you with your fundraising pack after you’ve registered.

We recommend setting up an online fundraising page through JustGiving. They’re easy to share with friends, family and colleagues and JustGiving send the donations to us directly. Here’s a quick guide to get started: 

  1. Set up your JustGiving page
  2. Share your fundraising page link with friends and family and ask them to donate
  3. Pop in a donation yourself to get the ball rolling

You can also fundraise offline and pop any cash donations onto your JustGiving page or send cheques to us.  

We’ll be sending an email soon with fundraising tips and we’ve always on hand to support with any fundraising ideas or questions. Drop us an email.

We’re asking everyone who takes part to try to raise a minimum of £75. You can also choose to set a higher target. By taking part in March for Men and raising money, you’ll help fund lifesaving research and support men and their families navigating this disease. 

We’ll be sending an email soon with fundraising tips and we’ve always on hand to support with any fundraising ideas or questions. Drop us an email.

Last year’s March for Men event in Battersea Park, London, was a huge success – it was enjoyed by thousands, and raised a phenomenal amount ultimately saving more lives and funding our support services. This year we aim to focus on making the event in London even bigger and better, but we will assess and work out if it’s possible to hold March for Men events elsewhere in the UK again next year and beyond. 

If you have any questions about this event please get in touch with our team, please email or call on 020 3310 7034