March the Month

How many steps will you complete in one month? We're challenging you to March the Month by walking 11,000 steps a day - the same amount of men who die each year of prostate cancer - to get fit and raise money to help us beat prostate cancer.

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Each year, more than 11,000 men die of prostate cancer - that's one man dying every 45 minutes. And there are over 400,000 men living with and after the disease in the UK today. The money you raise will fund research into life-saving treatments for prostate cancer and provide practical support to men and their families. So go the extra mile and sign up now to take part in our March for the Month step challenge.

The challenge

Given the statistics, we're scrapping 10,000 steps and instead challenging each person to walk 11,000 steps a day for the month of September. Track your steps each day using our individual calendar or team sheet if you're competing against others. If you want to increase the distance and set your target higher, it's totally up to you. We'd love to see how far you can go!

The rules

  • Each person taking part is encouraged to raise at least £50 for Prostate Cancer UK.
  • You can gain your steps by walking, running or even dancing!
  • Track your steps digitally via an app on your phone or a pedometer
  • Each individual is responsible for tracking their own steps and must have evidence, if required

Why you should march your way to a healthier you

There's plenty of benefits to putting on your trainers and going for a walk. Here's our top 5:

  1. Burn the calories - Walking regularly can help you maintain a healthy weight, by burning calories and helping you tone and strengthen your muscles.
  2. There are so many other health benefits - Walking can also help to reduce stress and lower your blood pressure, and keeping active can even give you an energy boost. Adding more activity to your daily routine can also help improve sleep. It's a win-win, if you ask us.
  3. It's a money saver - By cutting down on your bus and tube journeys and walking some of your way to work instead, you'll cut down your commuting costs. Walking is a free activity, so why spend money on expensive gyms?
  4. Unearth new places - You see so much more when you walk by foot, compared to when you drive past places in a car. You might discover some hidden gems in your local area - what are you waiting for?
  5. Help us beat prostate cancer - The money that you raise from taking part in our March the Month challenge will help fund life-saving research, bringing us one step closer to beating prostate cancer.
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Any questions?

How far is 11,000 steps a day?
If you walked 11,000 steps every day for a month, you would do around 330,000 steps which adds up to over 156 miles. 

How can I reach my steps target?
There's lot of ways to hit your daily target. You can rack your steps up by skipping the tube or bus and walking to work, swapping the lift for the stairs, going for a weekend park walk or even by taking the dog out.

What if I skip a day?
We all have our off days, so don't worry. But this is a step challenge so just try and make the steps up over the rest of the week. You could try playing a new sport or finding a scenic walk and discover a hidden treasure over your weekend.

What's the best way to track my steps?
We'd suggest using an app on your phone or a pedometer. Then, log your steps on this handy wallchart so you can track the progress you're making. You can also share March the Month milestones by downloading our badges to share on social media. 

How can I fundraise?
Once you’ve taken the decision to March the Month, there's loads of great ways to fundraise. Sign up and we'll send you a free fundraising pack with tips to make your step challenge a success.