Fundraising tips

Help beat prostate cancer in your club

Prostate cancer exists in every golf club. We need your help to beat it. If you are thinking of hosting a golf day to support Prostate Cancer UK or your club has chosen us as their charity of the year you may have a good idea about how to arrange a golf day and fundraiser at club. If not, or you need a reminder, read on for top tips for hosting a fantastic golf day and some fundraising ideas to raise even more money on the day or through your year.

You may have already got these, and many more, in your plans already but here are a few fundraising ideas for your golf day.

  • Run a “nearest the pin” competition on your Par 3 and charge £5 to enter, with a prize for the golfer who finishes nearest to the pin on that hole.
  • Alternatively, run a “hit the green” competition - everyone who makes the green off the tee wins a prize. Charge £10 and give more people a chance of winning a small prize.
  • Play the sharks and camels game! Every golfer pays £1 if you go in the water or the bunker, or teams pay £20 up front to do either as many times as possible.
  • Host a raffle or auction and ask local businesses, your club and friends to donate prizes. Announce the winners over dinner. Think about who is attending and whether a raffle or auction would work best.
  • Or bundle it all up - ask everyone for a £20 donation (or your chosen amount) at the registration desk covering entry into competitions on the holes, mulligans and the raffle so it’s all covered at the start.

Putting competitions (pay to enter)

  • Use the putting green - players with the lowest score win prize / or the player with the highest number of ones for that round.
  • One very long putt across the green, especially if it has a slope, which has to be holed in one.
  • String putting competition - map our crazy golf-like holes on your putting green; if you hit the string or go over it, go back to the start of the hole - lowest total wins. 

Chipping competition (pay to enter)

  • Three attempts to chip into a smallish circle/hoop at a fixed distance

Other competitions (pay to enter)

  • Longest drive (teeing off on a par 5)
  • Straightest drive (mark out a line from the tee - nearest wins)

Evening events

  • Host a quiz or dinner in your club 
  • Silent auction for big prizes. Ask any club within a reasonable driving distance for a free round of golf for 4 players for a prize
  • Heads or tails game

Take a look here to see how you can get you money safely to us or call our Supporter Care team on 0800 082 1616.