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How you can get involved

When you look at the statistics, prostate cancer exists in every walking football team in the UK - 1 in 8 men get prostate cancer, and 83% of men don't know their risk; that's why we're calling on teams across the UK to organise a Walking Football festival, tournament or event to raise funds for Prostate Cancer UK and awareness of a disease killing one man every 45 minutes. 

Register today to get your club's fundraising pack.

5 tips for organising a walking football tournament or festival

  1. Pay to play – open the event up to everyone for a donation of your choosing
  2. Fines for running – stick to the rules or get fined for a good cause
  3. Collection at half time – use our fundraising materials to bump up your total
  4. Crossbar challenge – a simple, easy to run fundraiser that everyone can play
  5. Post-match celebration – arrange an event nearby & hold a raffle for attendees

Find a club

In 2017 we were thrilled to announce partnerships with the Walking Football Association and Walking Football Scotland, allowing us a great opportunity to raise awareness and funds through the beautiful (walking) game. 

Both organisations have vast networks of clubs for aspiring and current players to join - find your nearest club today with the Walking Football Association or Walking Football Scotland

How we'll support you

Whether you have 5 members or 500, we can help you and your team raise vital funds and awareness this September. We can provide:

  • A pack full of things to help you raise funds and awareness
  • Support and guidance from our dedicated team
  • Online resources to help you make the most of your efforts
  • Awareness talks from trained volunteers for groups of 5-100 people
  • A selection of publications designed to give you a wide variety of information about prostate cancer
  • And for anything else, get in touch and we can help you out!
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