Matchdays men united

Thinking about collecting at one of our match days but have some questions? Or are you already joining us at a football match day collection and just want some further information? Then check out our frequently asked questions below. 

Things to think about before signing up

  • I won’t be able to get there until after the start time, is this an issue?  

    Please contact our team directly at or call your lead volunteer to let them know.

  • Can I bring my kids?  

    You can providing they’re 16 or over (due to rules and regulations with handling and collecting money). However you will still need to register them with us.

  • Do I have to watch the game?  

    No, if you only want to collect, please do let us know so we can allocate the free ticket to someone else.

  • Can I bring a friend?  

    Yes, but it is essential to register them first to ensure there are still places available. Please register them via our online full registration form. Please note if someone hasn’t registered they may have to be turned away on the day.

Signing up

  • Can I sign up more than one person at a time?  

    Yes, but we will need contact & registration details for each person you register so that we can contact them and send them essential information.

  • What is the maximum number of people I can sign up for one game?  

    You can sign up to 3 additional people. You will need to register each individual, providing us with their contact details and other registration information including any criminal convictions and emergency contact details. So you may wish to register yourself and send on the registration link to your friends and family. 

  • What is the maximum number of games that I can sign up for?  

    You can sign up to collect at 5 different games. If you want to do more than that, contact us at to have a chat. 

  • If I register, am I guaranteed a place?  

    You must be 16 or over to attend a match day.

    Places are allocated on a first come first served basis.Your place is not confirmed until you have received a personalised confirmation email from us.

    If there are any issues with your registration or if we have to cancel any collection places we will let you know as soon as possible.

  • The match I want to volunteer at is listed as fully booked, is there a waiting list?  

    Yes there is a waiting list available please email with the fixture you would to volunteer at. We will contact you directly to let you know you are on the waiting list and will then be in touch should a space becomes available.

  • I have registered, when will I get more details?  

    You will receive a welcome email within 10 days of registering and a detailed briefing approximately 2 weeks before the game. 

Cancellations/exchanges or changes of circumstances

  • I have registered but am no longer able to attend. Can I cancel my place?  

    Yes but please contact us as soon as possible at to let us know so we reallocate your place.

  • I am no longer able to attend, but my friend would like to take my place, would this be possible?  

    That will be possible in most cases, but you will need to contact us to arrange this.  Please email us at as soon as you can.

  • I’ve changed my address or other personal details, how do I update my details?  

    Please email us at and we'll update the records we hold for you.

Advice for the day of the match

Well make sure you're full briefed up and ready to go before the match happens - but if there are specifics you'd like to know before you sign up, see below!

  • What do I need to wear?  

    Please dress appropriately for the time of year. Warm, comfortable clothes and shoes, and waterproofs if needed.  We will provide you with tabards with Prostate Cancer UK logos to go over your clothes.

  • Can I park a car?  

    Unfortunately we do not have allocated parking spaces but please check the club website for nearest parking. 

  • Will you reimburse expenses?  

    We will reimburse expenses according to our volunteer expenses policy.

    Please see your match specific volunteer briefing for more information and, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask!

  • Where do I collect my free ticket from?  

    The lead volunteer will give you the free ticket after the collection prior to kick off.  Please note that a few games do not include free tickets, this will be indicated next to the match day on our website.

  • Can I sit in my team's end to watch the game?  

    Tickets are usually at the Home end. We are unable to change the tickets once they are allocated by the club.

  • Can I get a scarf?  

    Unfortunately due to costs we don’t provide Men United scarves but you can buy them on our Online Shop.

  • Can I have a t-shirt?  

    We don’t provide T-shirts for our match day collections but you will be loaned a tabard to wear on the day.

  • Can I be teamed up with someone?  

    We recommend a buddying-up system so you are in pairs for the collection. However for some games this may not be possible if numbers are low.  Please discuss with the lead volunteer on the day.

  • Do we still collect if the weather is bad?  

    Yes, provided the match is going ahead. If you need to cancel, please contact your lead volunteer on the day.

  • What happens if the match is postponed?  

    Either the lead volunteer or a member of our team will try to contact you as soon as possible. We strongly advise you check the club website before leaving home as well and contact the lead volunteer if the match gets postponed.

  • What happens if the time or date of the game changes?  

    We anticipate that a few fixtures will be moved typically with a few weeks notice. If a game is moved, we will discuss first with the lead volunteer and then with the rest of the collectors whether the collection will go ahead or not on a later date.