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Too often men are being diagnosed with prostate cancer by chance. It shouldn’t be this way.

12,000 men die of prostate cancer every year, that’s one man’s life every 45 minutes. All too often they find out by complete chance, too late. Your gift today could help fund the research that will improve the odds of diagnosing prostate cancer earlier and stop men dying too soon. 

Because men’s lives shouldn’t be left to chance.

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Will you help fund research to leave no diagnosis to chance?

Over the last two decades we’ve funded and accelerated some of the biggest breakthroughs in prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment. There is still much work to do. If you can, please give a gift today and help fund research that will improve earlier diagnosis to stop men dying too soon. 

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A donation can go a long way

We need your help to fund groundbreaking research. We need to improve how prostate cancer is diagnosed and treated because the earlier a man’s prostate cancer can be diagnosed, the less invasive treatments need to be. 
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Make it a regular gift?

Just a few pounds a month helps us to plan further ahead and to commit funding to research and supporting men with prostate cancer.
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Watch our TV appeal

Watch our TV appeal and hear from a consultant prostate surgeon and men with prostate cancer about chance diagnosis.
Watch our TV appeal