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This year, new data revealed the total number of deaths from prostate cancer hit 12,000 in one year. That’s 12,000 partners, fathers, brothers and friends who won’t be here this Christmas.  

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If a man’s prostate cancer is caught early while it is still localised and contained within the prostate, it’s still possible to cure. But it doesn’t guarantee it. We have limited treatment options available for men, and not enough understanding of how each man responds to those treatments.

For those men with aggressive or more advanced forms of the disease, some experts predict as many as 1 in 2 men will see their disease return. This must change. Men deserve so much more.

To make this change, we’re working in partnership with Movember to invest £2 million into pioneering research to give men the cures they deserve. We aim to fund large-scale projects and clinical trials to drive a transformation in treatments, and ultimately save lives. No other charity has a strategic focus on funding research that is dedicated to curing men with localised cancer. 

But we need your help. Our plan relies on passionate, caring and dedicated people, like you, joining us. Together we can make a change and stop prostate cancer damaging bodies and lives. Will you help fund research that will give men the life saving cures they need and deserve? 

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David was devastated to be diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer at just 55. He thought surgery to remove his prostate would allow him to move on with his life, but just before Christmas in 2018, he was given the news his cancer had returned. He would have to endure more treatments. And this time, his chance of a cure was even slimmer.  


That hit me even harder than the first time. I hadn’t allowed myself to consider the cancer coming back – I thought I’d beaten it.

- David Hadley-Smith
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We know it’s possible to cure men with localised cancer, but every year thousands still see their cancer return. This isn’t good enough. But with your help we can put a to stop it. Let’s come together and give men the cures for prostate cancer they deserve


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