Keeping more than just memories alive at Christmas

You can keep men with their loved ones at Christmas

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You can help kick-start research into prostate cancer immunotherapy

With a gift from you today, we have the chance to focus immunotherapy research on men with prostate cancer, and to properly assess whether we can harness the power of the immune system to fight prostate cancer for the first time.

This can’t come soon enough. One man dies from prostate cancer every 45 minutes in the UK. Some of these men will have been diagnosed too late - when the cancer has already spread, others will have experienced the return and spread of a localised cancer. Sadly, all of these men will have left behind friends and family, who will now be facing another Christmas without them.

Professor Helen McCarthy, from Queen’s University Belfast, is one of the researchers already making significant progress in immunotherapy research. She is aiming to perfect the delivery of a prostate cancer vaccine that will signal the immune system to recognise and destroy any cancer cells.

This year, we heard from Hayley Yarnley, and her mum Sue again. Sue’s husband Bernie died on December 19, 2016. Hayley shared Bernie’s story with us in 2017, but for Sue it was all still too raw. Two years on and in the run up to another Christmas, Sue told us:

No day is easy since we lost Bernie, but this time of year is particularly hard. I’d do anything to have more than just his memory alive this Christmas, but I know it’s time to look to the future and focus on making new memories for Hayley and her family. Bernie was always so hopeful for what could be on the horizon for prostate cancer treatment. If he’d known about immunotherapy, and its potential as a long-term treatment for advanced prostate cancer, he’d be jumping around the front room. He always knew we’d get their eventually.

- Sue McDermott

The new immunotherapy research that could be funded with your support will boost our existing efforts to explore innovative ideas for helping the immune system fight prostate cancer.

Jacamo have donated a generous £25,000 towards the £1 million needed this Christmas to kick-start research into prostate cancer immunotherapies sooner. With your help too, we will be one step closer. Please help give families more time with the men they love, by donating a gift today.


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