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Working with pharmaceutical and medical technology companies


Our partnerships

If you are a pharmaceutical, healthcare or medical devices company specialising in prostate cancer or its side effects we want to hear from you. We engage with industry leaders with relevant expertise in prostate cancer diagnostics, treatment and care and facilitate collaboration to help make a significant difference, promote better outcomes for patients and together beat prostate cancer sooner.

By choosing to support our work and collaborating with us, companies from the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors will be able to raise their profile, demonstrate leadership and commitment to supporting men with prostate cancer and promote medical advances. Our committed industry partners make our Pharma and MedTech Alliance: a group of truly committed businesses that are actively supporting our work and are open to collaborations. Please get in touch online to find out more, or contact us at [email protected].

We are open and transparent about our partnerships with the industry. We have a detailed agreement in place for each partnership and a policy that funding from pharmaceutical companies will not exceed 5% of our total annual income. During the financial year 2016/17, donations from these organisations, expressed as a percentage of our total annual income, came to less than 0.05%.

We thank Janssen-Cilag Ltd, Roche, Bayer, AAA (A Novartis Company) and Astellas Pharma Ltd for their support in 2021/22.

Previous supporters include:
• Aspire Pharma Ltd
• Hitachi Medical Systems
• Novartis
• Pfizer
• Amgen
• Lily