Every month we collate a selection of the latest clinically-relevant research to help you keep up to date with the most important developments in the field of prostate cancer.

Articles have been selected based on impact factor of the journal, relevance to UK clinical practice and general interest. You may be able to access the full text from your Trust's library service or via ATHENS registration. Information from PubMed explains other ways to access full text articles.

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October 2017

Read about two clinical trials that have tried to optimise cabazitaxel use and a meta-analysis that explored the link between vasectomies and prostate cancer.

September 2017

Read about how CBT can help patients suffering from fear of cancer recurrence and new research which shows no association between comorbidity and prostate cancer mortality or ADT and Alzheimer's.

August 2017

Read about some new research that could lead to shorter clinical trials, quality of life for men on ADT and the benefits of using decision aids

July 2017

Read about body size and prostate cancer risk, the PIVOT trial comparing observation with prostatectomy and if hormone therapy should be added to salvage radiotherapy

June 2017

Read about some of the exciting research coming out of ASCO including reporting a new arm of STAMPEDE and survival benefits from monitoring patient reported outcomes...

May 2017

It’s been a quiet month in prostate cancer research but we’ll be back in June with exciting results out of ASCO…stay tuned!

April 2017

Read about the link between distress and prostate cancer risk, how eating tomatoes and drinking coffee may help prevent prostate cancer and new PSA testing recommendations from the US..

March 2017

Read about new results from the STAMPEDE trial, treatment-related side effect profiles and if vasectomies increase prostate cancer risk...

February 2017

Read about new developments in antiandrogen treatment in combo with radiotherapy, zoledronic acid dosing, and the effect that emotional distress can have on patient decision making.

January 2017

Read about mpMRI before biopsy (PROMIS) and two trials exploring chemotherapy use in metastatic prostate cancer

December 2016

Read about a novel light-activated focal therapy and an association between the micronutrient selenium and prostate cancer risk...

November 2016

Read about the ProtecT trial's follow-up findings about advanced prostate cancer and survival, and a meta-analysis of alcohol consumption and the risk of developing prostate cancer...