Clinical Advisory Group

What is a Clinical Advisory Group?

We launched our Clinical Advisory Group in winter 2022. We have recruited multidisciplinary experts in the field of Prostate Cancer care who will advise, inform, and support the work of Prostate Cancer UK. 

Our Clinical Advisory Group holds tri-annual meetings, where we cover a range of topics centred around improving the delivery of prostate cancer care. They support and advise on strategic plans of the charity.

Our Clinical Advisory Group is made up of a variety of clinical backgrounds such as Nurses, Consultant Clinical Oncologists, Medical Editors, Radiographers, GPs, Consultant Urologists and Robotic Surgeons.

Our Clinical Advisory Group come from numerous corners of the United Kingdom.

As of 2023, our members are based in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

How to apply for our Clinical Advisory Group.

Applications are currently closed. 

What does the Clinical Advisory Group discuss?

The Clinical Advisory Group have provided integral support to teams across our Support and Influencing Directorate. They’ve consulted on various contentious matters including the PSA Consensus, Active Surveillance and the Impact of the ProtecT study, as well as providing strategic input to teams within Improving Care.

Meet our Clinical Advisory Group.

Find out more about our members and their professional backgrounds.

Clinical Advisory Group