The problem: across the UK men are not experiencing best practice diagnosis, treatment and support

We understand how demoralising and frustrating this must be for clinicians who genuinely want to deliver best practice.

The solution: Prostate Cancer UK Improvement Programmes

We believe that improvement can happen far faster and more effectively if clinicians are supported to lead change themselves. Therefore Prostate Cancer UK have created Improvement Programmes, based on proven models that have improved care across the UK.

We will equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to achieve tangible improvements across the entire prostate cancer pathway, through a package of training, coaching and peer-based mentoring.

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Programme one: Leading Improvement

Our first programme is supported by BAUS and is aimed at Urologists who have the clinical expertise, leadership potential and enthusiasm to improve the care men receive. Find out more and how to apply. To register your interest for future programmes please fill in the form below. All programmes will be designed to work in parallel with a busy clinical schedule and are carefully planned to deliver maximum value in a minimum time span. If you have specific queries about the Improvement Programmes, please email

Following on from the very successful course for Clinical Leads run by Mr Tim O’Brien, Vice President of the British Association of Urological Surgeons (BAUS) at the BAUS Annual Meeting 2019, BAUS and its Education Committee support this initiative being led by Mr O’Brien and Prostate Cancer UK. The aim of this programme, being run under the auspices of Prostate Cancer UK, is to address some of the contemporary challenges of urology as well as develop a mutually supportive network of clinical leaders.