Improvement programmes

Across the UK men do not have access to the same high-quality diagnosis, treatment and support

We know the health system is facing pressures of shrinking resources (both workforce and financial) coupled with increasing patient numbers and advancements in treatments and technology. Prostate cancer services therefore need to be able to adapt and improve so they are able to meet the needs of men with prostate cancer. As the Covid-19 epidemic continues to affect prostate cancer services, we have factored this into how we run our programmes but also into the content included. 

Our Improvement Programmes

Through these programmes we will help you better understand yourself as a leader and support you to develop your skills and knowledge to lead improvements within and beyond your service. 

What to expect from the programmes:

  • Leadership and improvement theory
  • Opportunities to put in practice key skills
  • Peer support and learning
  • Individual and group coaching
  • Hearing from and networking with inspiring leaders
  • Support to develop an improvement plan
  • Ongoing support from Prostate Cancer UK

Our programmes are open to all clinicians wherever you are on your leadership or improvement journey.

Clinical champions programme

Our flagship programme will give you an in-depth look at leading improvement and support you to develop your leadership skills and knowledge to deliver transformational improvements to prostate cancer care over 18- months.

Applications for this programme are currently closed.

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Leading improvement programmes

Our 4-day (virtual and face to face) programmes will support you develop your skills and knowledge to deliver improvements to your prostate cancer services.

Upcoming programmes:

Leading Improvement: Support for Men

This programme is open to all professionals passionate about improving local support services for men with prostate cancer. Deadline for applications is Wednesday 4 August 2021.

Leading Improvement: Support for Men

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The Impact of our improvement programmes!

We have been running the improvement programmes since 2019 and have seen that from one programme alone that we have the potential to affect change for over 14,000 men!

Previous programmes have focussed on Advanced Prostate Cancer, Implementing Personalised Stratified Follow Up, Urology Clinical Leads and Covid-19 recovery.

Below are just a few of the improvements in prostate cancer care we have seen as a result of our programmes:  

  • More patients seen sooner to discuss their referral for possible prostate cancer. One project recorded the percentage of men seen faster increase from 29% in April 2019 to 91% in November 2019.
  • Secured approval and funding for an Urology Investigation Unit, reducing unnecessary admissions, length of hospital stays and improve waiting times for those requiring admission for surgery.
  • Identified and imbedded an online IT service that will allow men who have undergone treatment for prostate cancer to be remotely managed effectively.
  • Introduced whole body MRI for patients with metastatic prostate cancer.
  • Introduced one to one and group clinics for men undergoing hormone treatment. This will allow them to receive the support they need to manage their side effects of the treatment.

What clinicians say about the programmes.

  • "Things now seem simpler to be put into practice"
  • "I'm eager to implement the knowledge and skills I've gained"
  • “Excellent content, Well organised…Novel. Brilliant idea”
  • “This was a truly mind expanding course”
  • “Thank you so much for such an inspirational 2 days. It was extremely thought provoking and has changed my outlook considerably!”
  • “Incredibly well thought out ,module. Powerful techniques and discussion to help with influencing
  • “Brilliantly put together course. Well done and thank –you.  Lots of cynics converted, lots of enthusiasts enthusiastic !!”

The Prostate Cancer Improvement Programmes are partly supported by grants from Astellas Pharma Ltd, Bayer UK and Roche Products Ltd. None of these organisations have had any control over the educational content of this activity.