PrecisionPoint Transperineal Access System workshops now available to Urology Nurses Practitioners and Registrars

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The training course is designed to increase the number of nurses skilled in a new advanced prostate biopsy technique: the free hand local anaesthetic transperineal targeted and systematic biopsy (LA TP).

As part of a wider initiative to move away from historical, transrectal ultrasound guided (TRUS) biopsy techniques for prostate cancer, we are also pleased to be able to announce that the course has received the backing of both the British Association of Urological Nurses (BAUN) and Prostate Cancer UK.

Jane Brocksom, President, BAUN, comments: “As an organisation, we genuinely believe that the LA TP biopsy is the way forward for the prostate cancer pathway.  We want our nurses to be at the forefront of clinical practice and believe that this presents a tangible opportunity for clinical nurse specialists to add significant value within the timed prostate cancer pathway, as pressure on it continues to increase.”

BAUN accreditation means that any delegates who attend will receive continued professional development (CPD) credits, while Prostate Cancer UK is providing support via its education bursary scheme for individuals.

Karen Stalbow, Head of Policy, Knowledge & Impact, Prostate Cancer UK, adds: “This training offers an opportunity to transform the way men with suspected prostate cancer are biopsied, making it less likely that they will experience complications like infections.  We are therefore really excited to be involved in this important work, which we believe will support both improvements in patient experience and outcomes.”

Mr. Popert concludes: “Once we have established experience of trained nurses, it is our aim to develop a regionally based training programme in centres of clinical excellence across the UK with the ultimate goal of phasing out TRUS biopsy altogether.”

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