PSA Consensus Conference 2024

Join us on Friday 20 September 2024 for our engaging online conference where we'll explore the latest advancements and consensus around the PSA blood test. It's an ideal opportunity for healthcare professionals to gain critical updates and actionable insights from leading experts in the field. 

Date: Friday 20 September 2024 

Time: 9am – 12.30pm  

Location: Online  

Cost: Free  


What we’ll cover 

During the conference, you'll get up-to-date information on the latest consensus regarding the PSA blood test. You'll also be able to discuss the diagnostic process for secondary care and learn how to proactively manage conversations about prostate health with patients who are at higher risk. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to ask questions, interact with peers, and apply what you learn through engaging case studies. 

Who can attend 

This conference is designed primarily for primary care health professionals. However, all specialists involved in prostate cancer care are welcome to attend. 

Can't make the live event?

No problem—just register, and you’ll receive access to the recorded sessions afterward. Register now!

We'll provide a detailed conference programme closer to the event date, which we'll send out to all registered attendees. 

Our top experts who'll be providing valuable perspectives and guidance:

Olly Hulson - Consultant Radiologist - Leeds Teaching hospitals.

Olly has a speciality interest in prostate cancer diagnostics and therapeutics. He was responsible for introducing transperineal prostate biopsy to Leeds and has been involved in the introduction of new biopsy techniques in centres across Yorkshire and the north of England. He has a keen interest in tackling health inequalities relating to prostate cancer diagnosis and has been working with Prostate Cancer UK and local charities to address this imbalance. He was part of the inaugural Prostate Cancer UK clinical champions programme and is currently a member of their clinical advisory group.


Sam Merriel – GP in North-West England, NIHR School for primary care research Academic Clinical Lecturer at the University of Manchester and Associate Editor of the British Journal of General Practice. 

Sam's main research interests are the early detection and prevention of cancer in primary care and the evaluation and implementation of new diagnostic tests. Sam has conducted extensive research into prostate cancer diagnosis in primary cancer, including the role of symptoms, the accuracy of Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) in primary care, and the potential impact of prostate MRI. Sam served on the recent National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) prostate cancer guidelines update committee in 2021, and he has been a member of expert reference groups for Prostate Cancer UK, Movember, the National Cancer Research Institute and NHS England. 


Patrick Nyarumbu, Junior Hemans and Tony Collier – men sharing the patient perspective.

Patrick, Junior and Tony will be joining to share their invaluable experiences as men and will be sharing the patient perspective of prostate cancer in the context of PSA blood testing and the PSA consensus. 

  • Understand the latest consensus on the best use of the PSA blood test for asymptomatic men in the UK.   
  • Learn about the diagnostic pathway for secondary care.   
  • Identify strategies for discussing prostate cancer and the PSA blood test with high-risk asymptomatic patients. 
  • Practice what you've learned through interactive case-based discussions. 

After the conference, we’ll send you a feedback form. Simply fill this out to download your certificate. 

How do I register? 

Fill out our quick online form to register.  

How do I get my certificate? 

After the conference, we’ll send you a short survey to complete to download your certificate. 

I'd love to attend but won’t be able to make the whole conference. Can I still participate? 

You can pop in and out of the conference as needed. 

Will the conference be recorded? 

Yes, we’re recording everything. The videos will be available for six months on the online conference platform. 

Register now to get access to the online platform. We highly recommend joining us live though, as it’s the best way to interact directly with the experts and engage in discussions with other attendees.