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  • Urological Care Degree Pathway
  • Stand alone modules
  • Urological Care Masters Modules

Studying at LSBU gives practitioners the option of obtaining a graduate certificate or a degree in the speciality. Alternatively some may opt to complete stand alone modules at degree or master’s level as part of their professional development. Modules utilize a blended learning approach in order to accommodate differences in individual learning styles and professional experiences.


Students will have the knowledge, skills and competence to work within the urological area of practice. These modules are designed to form part of the professional and academic development of registered nurses working with urological patients and are core modules within the urological nursing degree pathway.

Modules are structured to provide students with the framework to acquire specialist knowledge and skills. These will enable them to assess patients’ needs and plan and deliver appropriate evidence based nursing care to patients with disorders/dysfunction of the urinary system, encompassing physical, psychological and social aspects of care.

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Please contact Rachel Leaver (Course Director) on leaverr@lsbu.ac.uk for more information.

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