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Thousands of men affected by erectile dysfunction after prostate cancer treatment are being left with inadequate support. Just 13% of the UK's local health commissioners provide the range of treatment needed to give men living with this distressing condition the best chance of recovery. 

This isn’t good enough. And we need your help.

Use our quick tool to enter your postcode and find out whether the services we think should be available to men are provided in your area. If they’re not, you’ll be able to send an email directly to your local commissioner or healthcare provider, calling for them to give men access to the vital treatment and support they need.

What we're doing

Erectile dysfunction affects 76% of men who have been through prostate cancer treatment.

Insufficient support and treatment for the condition can be debilitating and distressing, leaving men susceptible to long-term physical and psychological damage. And so we’re calling for urgent action to address the problem.

We're going out in the regions to lobby local commissioners, health providers and decision makers, to educate them about the issues of erectile dysfunction so that they can increase their provision of services.

We're also lobbying NHS England and counterparts in each of the four home nations to get prescribed guidance for erectile dysfunction updated.

The services we think should be available

Recent guidance on erectile dysfunction treatment, produced by us and Macmillan, recommends early intervention and a choice of five treatment options in order to give men the best chance of recovery. These are:

  • an appropriate choice of medication, including a daily low dose of tadalafil (Cialis®)
  • vacuum pumps
  • access to a NHS/HSC erectile dysfunction clinic
  • access to psychosexual clinics
  • counselling

Erectile dysfunction clinics are essential in providing support across both physical and emotional needs. However, our research reveals that only half of commissioners and healthcare providers provide this as an option.

Two commissioners admitted that they provide no support whatsoever, and almost 1 in 5 were completely unaware of the arrangements in their area.

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