The Review

The Accelerated Access Review was set up by Minister for Life Sciences, George Freeman MP, last year and published its interim report at the end of October 2015. The Review was set up to explore the challenges involved in making innovative treatments and technologies available via healthcare systems in the UK as quickly as possible, and to come up with solutions to overcome these barriers.

We fed into this process at an early stage, and met with the lead organisers of each strand of the review. We also submitted a response to the initial consultation, and responded to the interim report. which picks up a few of the issues we raised in the consultation process, although it looks like there are still a few gaps to be investigated.

One of these is in the question of how to speed up access to repurposed treatments, such as upfront docetaxel for men newly diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer. Access to repurposed treatments hasn’t been touched on in this interim report, but we think that the results of the STAMPEDE trial represent a stellar example of how a block in commissioning can delay access to a treatment that could bring significant benefits to large numbers of men at a reasonably low cost to healthcare systems UK-wide.

The Accelerated Access Review has published a few reports which we're currently examining in detail and has pushed back their final report until the summer. We’ll continue to take every opportunity to feed into the Accelerated Access Review as it moves forward, and hope that this could be the change we need to see new treatments and technologies getting into the hands of the men who need them much sooner than the current system allows. Watch this space for further updates, or sign up for our newsletter.

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