We campaign for men with prostate cancer to receive the best treatment and care wherever they live in the UK, based on the latest evidence.

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Man of Men group

Why we're here

Ignoring prostate cancer won't beat it. That's why we're fighting for better treatments, diagnosis, support and prevention.

We've reached agreement on the best way to use the PSA test

Read our guidelines to improve the use of the PSA test by GPs in men without symptoms.

Multiparametric MRI

Results from the ground breaking research study – PROMIS – show that giving a man an mpMRI scan before biopsy can radically improve the accuracy of prostate cancer diagnosis.

Peter Ford, Dale Rominger, Rob Banner and Hugh Gunn with the NICE enzalutamide petition

Access to drugs

All too often men with prostate cancer are being denied access to new and innovative drugs and treatments. We're working to change this. Find out about our specific drug campaigns here.

Support for men with erectile dysfunction isn't good enough

Are the right support services available in your area? If they aren't, we've got a way for you to help.

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Our work on active surveillance

We’re working with health professionals, men and other key stakeholders to develop a best practice active surveillance protocol.

Stronger Knowing More - Black Men Fighting Prostate Cancer

Stronger Knowing More

1 in 4 black men will get prostate cancer at some point in their lives. Find out what we're doing to address it.

Reforming drug appraisal systems

Find out how we're working to change the processes by which drugs are appraised, so that men get access to the best new treatments as soon as possible.

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Reforming the Cancer Drugs Fund

All too often men with prostate cancer are being denied access to new and innovative drugs and treatments. We're working to change this. One way is through the much needed reform of the Cancer Drugs Fund in England.

Accelerated Access Review

We want men to be able to access the latest treatments, as quickly as possible. Find out how we're working to make this happen.

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Cancer Strategies and Plans

Find out what we’ve been doing to get better standards of care into working practice via government cancer strategies across the UK.

Cancer Patient Experience surveys

We've been working to make sure all UK nations are recording cancer patients’ experience of treatment - information which is key to addressing any issues with care.

NICE Quality Standard

Find out about our work to get quality standards of care in place for men with prostate cancer.

Quality Checklist

Our Quality Checklist helps make good care a reality for all men with prostate cancer.

Information and Support

What we think

We use our evidence-based policy positions to inform our campaigning work.

A volunteer's impression of party conferences

Volunteer Stuart Watson shares his thoughts on the 2013 Conservative party conference - his third conference with Prostate Cancer UK.

Volunteering at party conferences

Volunteer Ann Howe shares her thoughts on the 2013 Liberal Democrat party conference - her first conference with Prostate Cancer UK.

A campaigner's story

Campaigner Robin Porter shares his experience of coming with us to the Conservative Party Conference in 2014.

Side effects: personal stories

Erectile dysfunction affects a lot of men after prostate cancer treatment. Unfortunately, men don’t always get the support they need to deal with this distressing side effect. Some of our supporters share their experiences.