Valuing patient experience


Learning from experience

The National Cancer Patient Experience Survey (NCPES) is an annual survey which takes into account all aspects of cancer patients’ experience of treatment. This information is key to identifying where there are gaps in care on a nationwide scale, so that these issues can be addressed. While a few years ago there was only a NCPES in England, there are now individual surveys in each of the four UK nations. This will help identify gaps in care and issues needing tackled going forward.

We were successful in securing an NCPES in Scotland as a result of our Men United v Prostate Cancer: Five Inequalities, Five Solutions campaigning work at Holyrood and Scottish party conferences, alongside our work with the Scottish Cancer Coalition. The first Scottish NCPES was launched in 2015, with first results being published in June 2016.

Prostate Cancer UK are advisory board members, responsible for developing the surveys in Scotland, England and Wales.