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New guidelines prompt doctors to offer active surveillance for low risk cancers

9 May 2019

We publish new best practice guidelines on active surveillance, as NICE advise it should be offered to men with low risk localised prostate cancer.

Focal therapy is put to the test in new trial

8 May 2019

Focal therapy causes fewer side effects when treating localised prostate cancer, so we’re funding a new trial to see if it’s possible to compare it against surgery and radiotherapy.

Spotlight on: Professor Hash Ahmed

7 May 2019

We speak to Professor Hash Ahmed about his work that led to the introduction of mpMRI scans before biopsy and the next big thing that he wants to achieve.

Who bares wins: Celebrities return to give it the Full Monty

3 May 2019

Alexander Armstrong and Ashley Banjo joining forces again to recruit a brand new line-up of celebrities to take to the stage and bare all in the iconic Full Monty strip to help raise awareness of male cancers.

New gene combination could identify men at high risk of prostate cancer

27 Apr 2019

New research has found a combination of genes that could pick out men at highest risk of prostate cancer.

Golfers club together to stop prostate cancer

15 Apr 2019

In the last year, the golfing community raised over £700,000 to help us beat prostate cancer, here we meet just a few of our supporters.

“If it wasn’t for Southend United I’m not sure where I’d be in two years”

12 Apr 2019

Keith Smith was diagnosed with prostate cancer after coming across football manager Chris Powell's work to raise awareness and now they meet for the first time.

Improving picture of mpMRI in Wales as petition triggers debate

28 Mar 2019

BLOG: Last year we asked supporters to sign a petition for better access to mpMRI scans in Wales. Our Policy Manager, Tim Windle, gives an update on the progress made so far.

"My proudest moments are when people say: 'Thank you for letting me take part in your study'."

25 Mar 2019

Men volunteering to take part in clinical trials are vital for improving treatments, including improving our understanding of the effects of hormone therapy.

"Being on a trial doesn't necessarily mean you'll see benefit, but somebody further down the line will"

22 Mar 2019

When Nick was offered chemotherapy to treat his advanced prostate cancer, he decided to take a different approach, and signed up to take part in a clinical trial. Read about his experience and find out about trials we’re funding near you with our brand new clinical trials map.