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Access to mpMRI before biopsy increasing but parts of UK are still 'appalling'

19 Jun 2018

We're calling on the NHS to make rollout of the revolutionary diagnostic technique for prostate cancer a priority, after new data shows a huge variation in the availability and quality of mpMRI scans across the UK. Check out how your local hospitals are performing in our online map, and find out more about the first clinical consensus on mpMRI we've helped to create.

"The hereditary problem shocked me," says Christopher Timothy after revealing his 'secret' prostate cancer

18 Jun 2018

The Eastenders actor tells the Sunday Express he hid his cancer from his children for five years, but chose Father's Day to go public and warn others after speaking to us about the family risks of the disease.

"My life was in the balance and so obviously I decided to pay for an mpMRI"

18 Jun 2018

When Raymond Starr was diagnosed with prostate cancer last year, he was refused an mpMRI on the NHS because there are no scanners available in North Wales. He's now working with us to make sure the revolutionary diagnostic technique is available to all men in the UK.

Families urged to talk about prostate cancer history as number of UK men living with or after disease hits 400k

12 Jun 2018

We want all families to open up about the most common cancer in men this Father's Day weekend, after new stats reveal more men in the UK have – or have had – prostate cancer than ever before.

"A double cancer scare has definitely strengthened us as a family"

12 Jun 2018

Bill Elliott and his son James tell us how a family health crisis turned into a national newspaper campaign, then a life-long commitment to improving awareness and treatment of prostate cancer through golf.

Behind the Headlines: The prostate cancer 'spit test'

12 Jun 2018

Across the papers today is news of a 'spit test' to help diagnose prostate cancer. It’s a promising step forward in genetics, but we still need better tests for diagnosis.

"Cars were bumping me out of the way and people trying to mug me"

11 Jun 2018

Five months after beginning his global fundraising challenge of running a marathon in all 196 countries, Nick Butter has just clocked up his 50th in Togo. We spoke to him after his 49th in Ghana about the challenges of washing his clothes, avoiding stray dogs and staying alive in Haiti.

Me, my dad and prostate cancer

11 Jun 2018

This Father's Day, there will be thousands of families dealing with prostate cancer – and many more remembering dads who have died from the disease. Four of our supporters share their experiences and what makes their dad so special.

"My dad was always the joker and loved to make everyone laugh"

7 Jun 2018

When Marlene Graham joked with her ageing father about his sore hip, neither of them had any idea it was the onset of aggressive prostate cancer that would ultimately claim his life just a few months later. She recalls how she went into denial at the time, the customary humour with which her Dad confronted death, and the remarkable events that led her to work for Prostate Cancer UK more than a decade later.

NICE decision on abiraterone could take away best hope for some men with incurable disease

6 Jun 2018

BLOG: Abiraterone should continue to be available on the NHS and opened up to all men with newly diagnosed advanced prostated cancer, argues our policy manager Tim Windle, as the UK’s drug guidelines body is set to rule on the future of the treatment.