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mpMRI: progress in improving availability of best scans for diagnosis

3 Mar 2020

New data shows more men are getting access to the best scans for diagnosis, but there's more work to do.

Research Innovation Awards: Focus on advanced disease as we invest £2.8m

20 Feb 2020

From a pioneering new drug about to hit clinical trials, to a revolutionary home urine test for prostate cancer, here's the projects we're funding in 2020.

“We all share laughs to help bring normality”: the virtual support group for men on active surveillance.

7 Feb 2020

Our active surveillance online virtual support group is a casual and convenient way to help men make sense of their situation, with the opportunity to help others and have plenty of laughs along the way.

After ten years working on a new treatment for men, this researcher is at a critical point

7 Feb 2020

Simon Mackay's innovative new drug needs an extra push so it can be tested in clinical trials.

Golf ace Danny Willett joins the movement against prostate cancer

7 Feb 2020

2016 Masters champion, Danny Willett gets involved to raise funds and awareness in the golfing community.

Lloyd Pinder is determined to beat the odds for his family, and families everywhere

7 Feb 2020

Our Spring appeal aims to keep men like Lloyd with their families for as long as possible.

Our Christmas appeal hits £1.2 million. Thank you to all who helped us get there.

4 Feb 2020

From the researchers working to bring new drugs to men, and the families affected by advanced prostate cancer, we say thank you.

Prostate cancer now most commonly diagnosed cancer in England

28 Jan 2020

New data shows prostate cancer is the most common cancer in the UK. Here's why it's not all bad news, and what we do next.

“They share their most intimate problems without feeling judged.”

24 Jan 2020

Martin wanted a way to share his experience and look after his mental health after prostate cancer treatment, so he set up is own support group.

As prostate cancer deaths hit all-time high, we renew our MANifesto

16 Jan 2020

Our response to new data showing prostate cancer deaths hit a record high of 12,000 in one year.