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Behind the headlines: Could a new blood test for prostate cancer really end the need for biopsy?

12 Sep 2019

News of a new prostate cancer test hit the headlines yesterday. It’s a promising step forward in improving diagnosis, but is there enough research to show the test could be accurate enough to end the need for biopsy?

Jeff's March For Men smashes the £1 million mark

12 Sep 2019

Sky Sports presenter and Prostate Cancer UK ambassador, Jeff Stelling smashes through the £1 million fundraising milestone on his third epic walking challenge.

Exciting new trial focuses treatment on prostate, even after cancer has spread

6 Sep 2019

The ATLANTA trial is testing a new way to treat advanced disease, targeting the initial tumour inside the prostate to slow the growth of other tumours around the body.

“The Specialist Nurse’s kindness, support and knowledge was an enormous comfort”

5 Sep 2019

We’ve all seen prostate cancer increasingly in the news over the last year, and our team of expert Specialist Nurses have been at the frontline throughout supporting more people than ever as a result.

Extra funds for nurse training welcome, but our survey shows workforce under huge strain

5 Sep 2019

The Government's spending review included the promise of funding to train Clinical Nurse Specialists, but more action is needed to address a massively strained workforce.

The recurring anxiety of cancer coming back

31 Jul 2019

When David Frederick was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2016, he was surprisingly calm. Only when he started telling friends and family, did he realise just how much a cancer diagnosis can send your world spinning. Three years on, he’s still not out of the woods.

Dual research funding to make sure localised prostate cancer goes away, and stays away, after treatment

31 Jul 2019

We’re funding Professor Choudhury to run two research projects to try and understand why some men’s prostate cancer comes back, and what we can do about it if it does.

When a first treatment for localised prostate cancer isn’t enough

31 Jul 2019

When Martin was first treated for his localised prostate cancer, he still felt like something wasn’t right. Years of anxiety later, he got the news he was dreading: his cancer had come back. Now, Martin’s trying to stay positive, and we’re making sure men in the future won’t have to go through the same ordeal he did.

Football managers get the call up for Prostate Cancer UK

30 Jul 2019

With the start of the new season fast approaching, we take a look back at how football has helped us champion the support of fans everywhere, raising significant funds and awareness of prostate cancer.

Separating fact from fiction: Revealing the truth behind common prostate cancer myths.

30 Jul 2019

There are so many myths out there about prostate cancer and lots of misunderstanding about who is at risk, how to be tested and when to have treatment. Our Specialist Nurse Meg lays the facts on the line.