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Abiraterone extends the lives of men like Robert, but it could be rejected for future use. We stand with him and 4,300 others to ask why.

27 Jan 2021

Drug companies and NICE must put their differences aside and think of the men and families at the centre of all this.

New discovery: bone scans can show which men with advanced prostate cancer may benefit from radiotherapy.

18 Jan 2021

Thousands of scans from an unsuccessful trial reveal a new way of identifying men who can benefit from radiotherapy.

This researcher’s grandfather was diagnosed with prostate cancer while she worked from home during lockdown.

8 Jan 2021

We spoke to Dr. Jennifer Munkley to hear how her work has been affected by the pandemic and how you can help save the lives of men like her Grandpa, with a gift in your Will.

We marched, ran and cycled through 2020’s obstacles to raise over £1m! It's all eyes on 2021.

22 Dec 2020

The lockdown restrictions failed to dampen the spirit of our most active supporters this year. Next year will be no different.

12 #LittleThings you can do to make a big difference for men with prostate cancer this Christmas.

11 Dec 2020

We’re determined to raise £2million for research into aggressive prostate cancer. Here's how you can help.

Not enough evidence to show plant polyphenols benefit men with prostate problems.

10 Dec 2020

We take a look at the claims suggesting certain plant chemicals called polyphenols can treat prostate cancer and separate fact from fiction.

Prostate cancer during a second-wave of COVID-19: what we’re doing for men this winter.

20 Nov 2020

With COVID-19 cases rising, concerns around treatment delays and coronavirus itself have increased too. But as ever, we’re here for men through this winter.

Errol McKellar receives MBE for a decade of life-saving conversations.

13 Nov 2020

This ex-mechanic from London estimates he’s saved around 50 lives and potentially hundreds more.

This Christmas, you can help give men the cures they deserve.

3 Nov 2020

You can help men like David, who struggled with being apart from his family during lockdown after his cancer had returned.

Abiraterone appeal: one step closer to getting life-extending hormone treatment to men who can’t have chemotherapy.

29 Oct 2020

NICE uphold our appeal against their refusal to make abiraterone available for men newly diagnosed with high-risk advanced prostate cancer.