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‘I want Bob to have a legacy’: family of cricket legend Willis lead fundraising drive in his memory

23 Sep 2020

Lauren Clark,, the wife of cricket legend Bob Willis, leads a fundraising charge for Prostate Cancer UK calling for better tests.

Dr Matthew Hobbs is “doubly excited” by new precision medicines for advanced prostate cancer.

22 Sep 2020

These precision drugs are the biggest breakthroughs we’ve seen in decades for extending the lives of men with advanced prostate cancer.

“I want to help save lives, like you saved mine”. Four men thank others for encouraging them to speak to their doctor.

16 Sep 2020

These men are sharing their stories to pass on knowledge that can save lives, and they want you to join them.

CAMPAIGN: Help find men at risk of prostate cancer with this thirty-second risk checker.

8 Sep 2020

Because the pandemic has made it harder for men to access a GP, it’s likely that thousands more cases of prostate cancer have gone undetected. We need your help to find men at risk.

Ken Hom OBE: “We leave this world with nothing, so give! It’s only good karma.”

3 Sep 2020

Celebrity chef Ken Hom MBE shares his story of prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Overcoming the challenges of the pandemic, together.

28 Aug 2020

We've achieved a huge amount for men with prostate cancer throughout the pandemic, thanks to you. We still face huge challenges, but we're more focused on our priorities than ever.

“I have tremendous pride in what dad did for me” – Soccer Saturday’s Charlie Nicholas 

21 Aug 2020

The Sky football pundit and former Scotland international player pays tribute to his late father.

This young scientist has rare skills that could transform prostate cancer treatment, but now his career is under threat.

11 Aug 2020

Because George is at the very beginning of his career during the coronavirus crisis, there's a risk that he'll be forced to leave prostate cancer research.

Men, we are with you through Covid19: 7 ways we’re working for men during the pandemic.

31 Jul 2020

Research labs were closed, men had their treatments delayed, and much of our activity grinded to a halt, but prostate cancer didn’t, so neither did we.