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A year of leaps: 2019 was historic for prostate cancer research

6 Dec 2019

The last year saw the announcement of the world’s first precision medicine for prostate cancer and huge progress towards the development of a home urine test. Just some of the things that made 2019 one of the most innovative years in prostate cancer research history.

Could a home urine test revolutionise prostate cancer diagnosis? We’re funding research to find out

29 Nov 2019

A prostate cancer urine test which has the potential to spot men with aggressive prostate cancer hit the headlines today. In partnership with Movember, we're funding the next stage of research to test this in a larger group of men.

10 fun ways to help deliver a prostate cancer vaccine this Christmas

29 Nov 2019

This Christmas, we're trying to harness the power of the immune system to fight prostate cancer for the first time. We need your help to raise a million pounds to fund potentially ground-breaking research.

Behind the headlines: could a new immunotherapy treatment give men with advanced prostate cancer two more years of life?

28 Nov 2019

A new immunotherapy treatment was in the news today, after a recent clinical trial showed it could extend the lives of some men with very advanced prostate cancer for up to two years.

Brookside legend Dean Sullivan reveals he was treated for prostate cancer

26 Nov 2019

Ahead of hosting our Carol concert in Liverpool this December, legendary British actor Dean Sullivan, known for playing lovable rogue Jimmy Corkhill in Brookside, speaks about his treatment and diagnosis.

"A picture of genuine kindness": nurse Amelia Barber wins People's Choice Award

12 Nov 2019

Nurse Amelia Barber, from Guy’s Hospital in London wins the People’s Choice Award winner for her outstanding dedication to supporting men with prostate cancer.

Bernie would be thrilled to know he’s part of raising £1 million this Christmas.

7 Nov 2019

Sue McDermott talks about her husband Bernie's commitment to new research, and how Christmas is different without him around.

This professor is training the immune system to fight prostate cancer

7 Nov 2019

Professor Helen McCarthy is developing an exciting new treatment that trains the body’s own immune response to target and kill prostate cancer cells.

Who runs the world? 5 highlights of Nick Butter's epic challenge

7 Nov 2019

Nick Butter becomes the first person to run a marathon in every country in the world - and helps to stop prostate cancer being a killer while he's at it.