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“The peace of mind I have as a result of the call is phenomenal … I actually feel like I have a future now”

22 Nov 2017

Last year, our Specialist Nurses had their biggest year yet. According to their recent annual report, they had 13,000 contacts from people concerned about prostate cancer. And with Movember in full swing, now is a good time to highlight the hairy relationship that last year helped our nurses reach more men than ever.

New PhD researchers will crunch big data to help fight against prostate cancer

23 Nov 2016

With the support of the Movember Foundation, we're funding four PhD students in the crucial field of bioinformatics, using big data to help accelerate our understanding and treatment of prostate cancer.

Challenging ‘incurable’ prostate cancer with the Strictly Ballroom of clinical trials

8 Apr 2016

BLOG: The revolutionary ADRRAD trial turns conventional thinking about advanced prostate cancer on its head, attempting to overcome a disease that's considered terminal. Dr Sophie Lutter looks behind the scenes at what makes this such a game-changing enterprise and why it represents the perfect dance between medicine and science.

New Movember funds will turn treatment research into clinical reality

1 Dec 2015

Our £1.5m of Movember Foundation Translational Awards will ensure four groundbreaking projects make it through the labs and into clinical trials.

On the frontline: the health professionals doing mo' with your money

23 Nov 2015

Meet the vital clinical staff we fund, with support from Movember, to help smooth and improve the process of treatment for men with prostate cancer.

A year of Excellence for our new research centres

23 Nov 2015

It's almost a year since our Movember Centres of Excellence opened their doors for business. Here’s a roundup of what's happened so far.

True NTH summit: a meeting of minds in Australia

30 Oct 2015

The latest from a recent summit of True NTH, the largest ever global investment in improving life for men with prostate cancer led by the Movember Foundation.

First surveys in groundbreaking study of men with prostate cancer go out today

16 Oct 2015

30,000 men with prostate cancer in England today received a questionnaire for a new study into the impact of the disease on their life and wellbeing.

Owen Sharp steps down as Chief Executive of Prostate Cancer UK

23 Jul 2015

Chief Executive Owen Sharp is leaving Prostate Cancer UK after four and a half years at the helm.

Mo growers help us put £2 million into innovative prostate cancer research projects

22 May 2015

This month, together with the Movember Foundation, we’re announcing over £2 million of funding for innovative and exciting research projects that we believe will one day help improve the lives of men with prostate cancer. These awards aim to help get established and promising projects get over the line and give scientists with innovative ideas a head start. Find out more.