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How one man became a local hero

30 Jul 2015

BLOG: “Am I speaking to Patrick Patterson?” a woman at the end of the telephone said.

On tour for the 1 in 4

23 Jul 2015

BLOG: This summer Prostate Cancer UK is going on tour to reach Black men and make more people aware of the higher risk of prostate cancer. Nick Wright investigates why, what we're going to do and how you can get involved.

Applying the domino effect to prostate cancer

13 May 2015

It is a shocking fact that 1 in 4 Black men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. We know that Black men, like most men, don’t really like talking about their health but it’s vital that they do. So to start conversations about prostate cancer that could save lives, we’re reaching out through a popular pastime: dominoes. Find out what happened at the first Men United dominoes tournament.

A beginners guide to starting a prostate cancer support group

13 May 2015

BLOG: When Don Geldard was diagnosed with advanced metastatic prostate cancer three years ago, there was no support group where he lived in Southport, West Lancashire. So he set up his own. Blogger, Nick Wright finds out how.

Meet the volunteering duo who “work together like Morecambe and Wise”

18 Mar 2015

BLOG: Blogger Nick Wright meets volunteer Paul Foulkes and discovers how handing out prostate information led to a double act with fellow volunteer Denton Wilson.

“I’ve made true friends through having this cancer – friends I wish I'd known for years."

29 Jan 2015

BLOG: Blogger Nick Wright talks to George Hardy about the friendships he's made through our online community and the glue that holds them together.

Ten years, one man and a mission to save lives

19 Jan 2015

BLOG: Over the last ten years Men United hero, Alan Taylor has been on a tireless drive to educate men and women in the north east about prostate cancer. Blogger Nick Wright talks to the man behind the mission and hears from the men who know him best. His friends.

Do they know it’s Christmas time at all?

17 Dec 2014

BLOG: Nick Wright talks to Richard Auckland, who after being diagnosed with prostate cancer four years, wondered if he'd even make it to Christmas.

Working together to understand why 1 in 4 Black men face prostate cancer

16 Oct 2014

BLOG: October is Black History Month. This time last year we broke the news that 1 in 4 Black men will...

Remote access: How do we reach men in the farthest regions of the UK?

23 Sep 2014

BLOG: At Prostate Cancer UK we work to meet men’s needs, wherever they are. In a recent blog I celebrated a...