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Why one week isn't enough to celebrate the work of our volunteers

1 Jun 2015

BLOG: Celebrating the work of our Prostate Cancer UK volunteers in the 2015 Volunteers' Week.

Removing access to cancer drugs - why the lack of transparency?

13 Mar 2015

BLOG: What happened to "No decision about me without me", asks CEO Owen Sharp.

Why we need to replace the cancer drugs fund

2 Mar 2015

BLOG: Real change is needed to provide future cancer patients reliable access to innovative and effective treatments, writes CEO Owen Sharp.

Keyline hit £1 million

11 Feb 2015

BLOG: In 2009, Keyline Builders’ Merchants set out to raise £25,000 for what was then The Prostate Cancer Charity. Five years on, I am delighted to announce that Keyline have now raised over £1 million for Prostate Cancer UK.

Cancer Drugs Fund and Jevtana (cabazitaxel) – why we need to overhaul the drug appraisal system

9 Jan 2015

BLOG: Owen Sharp, our Chief Executive, blogs on the recent headlines regarding the Cancer Drugs Fund and prostate cancer drug Jevtana.

Could a small step for fourteen experts become a giant leap for Men United?

17 Dec 2014

BLOG: What do Star Wars, NASA and prostate cancer risk have in common? Well, they all feature in CEO Owen Sharp's latest blog. We've brought together 14 experts from across the world to try and turn science fiction into science fact and help us find a way of assessing the personal prostate cancer risk of every man.

EastEnders, Stan Carter, and the choices we make

20 Nov 2014

BLOG: For obvious reasons, I’ve been choosing to watch EastEnders on BBC One this week. We’ve been working with the BBC – strictly under wraps – for several months, providing support and guidance on Stan Carter’s prostate cancer storyline.

Growing together since 2007

13 Nov 2014

BLOG: We’ve been big fans of the hairy upper lip since 2007, when Adam and JC – two of the original four mo-bros – first walked into our offices and suggested we team up to tackle prostate cancer in the UK. And that, as they’ve probably never said, was the start of a long and beautiful hairy-lipped friendship.

Going global - the True NTH programme

30 Sep 2014

BLOG: It doesn’t take long – three to four minutes of the evening news should do it – to realise just...

Royal Mail and Prostate Cancer UK: a partnership to be proud of

9 Sep 2014

BLOG: When you received a letter in the post in the last two years, chances are you’ll have seen a simple...