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EastEnders star reveals how award ceremony led to dad’s cancer diagnosis

17 Jun 2019

This Father’s Day, EastEnders star Davood Ghadami shares the story of how presenting an award to one of our volunteers, Errol McKellar, helped his dad to get his prostate cancer diagnosed early.

"The hereditary problem shocked me," says Christopher Timothy after revealing his 'secret' prostate cancer

18 Jun 2018

The Eastenders actor tells the Sunday Express he hid his cancer from his children for five years, but chose Father's Day to go public and warn others after speaking to us about the family risks of the disease.

Families urged to talk about prostate cancer history as number of UK men living with or after disease hits 400k

12 Jun 2018

We want all families to open up about the most common cancer in men this Father's Day weekend, after new stats reveal more men in the UK have – or have had – prostate cancer than ever before.

"A double cancer scare has definitely strengthened us as a family"

12 Jun 2018

Bill Elliott and his son James tell us how a family health crisis turned into a national newspaper campaign, then a life-long commitment to improving awareness and treatment of prostate cancer through golf.

Me, my dad and prostate cancer

11 Jun 2018

This Father's Day, there will be thousands of families dealing with prostate cancer – and many more remembering dads who have died from the disease. Four of our supporters share their experiences and what makes their dad so special.

"My dad was always the joker and loved to make everyone laugh"

7 Jun 2018

When Marlene Graham joked with her ageing father about his sore hip, neither of them had any idea it was the onset of aggressive prostate cancer that would ultimately claim his life just a few months later. She recalls how she went into denial at the time, the customary humour with which her Dad confronted death, and the remarkable events that led her to work for Prostate Cancer UK more than a decade later.

Men dangerously unaware of family link to prostate cancer new research finds

13 Jun 2017

Prostate Cancer UK urges people to have vital talks with their relatives and GP about the most common cancer in men, after our new study reveals half of all UK men don't know about their increased risk of the disease if other family members have had it.

"He was, and always will be, a top dad"

18 Jun 2016

Many families who've been through prostate cancer together will sadly be missing their dads tomorrow, but that doesn't mean they won't be celebrating them. Three tell us why their dads were so important to them.

Avoiding heart-to-hearts leaves thousands of fathers vulnerable to ‘dad’s disease’

17 Jun 2016

This weekend, we're urging sons and daughters to have a three-minute conversation with their dad about prostate cancer that could save their lives, after a new poll finds more than a quarter of people dodge talking about health issues with their fathers.

"Talking to my dad about prostate cancer saved my life"

16 Jun 2016

After being estranged for five years, Brian White reluctantly met with his dad at a party and learnt of a family history of prostate cancer for the first time. The revelation went on to save the 42-year-old's life and helped him rebuild a relationship with his father.