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For family, friends and loved ones – why we're running the London Marathon

19 Apr 2018

We've got 168 heroes running for us in the London Marathon on Sunday, all of them with very personal reasons for wanting to help us beat the most common cancer in men. We find out who will be on the minds of six of them as they push themselves over 26 gruelling miles.

Trevor Phillips and Chris Powell lead London Marathon team raising awareness of black men's risk

11 Apr 2018

The UK's former race relations chief joins Southend United's manager as part of a four-man team running to highlight black men's one-in-four risk of prostate cancer – double that of white men. We find out their personal reasons for getting involved and the taboos they hope to challenge among their peers.

Why we're running the London Marathon for Prostate Cancer UK

24 Apr 2016

We've got more than 200 intrepid men and women running for us in the London Marathon today, who have so far raised over £250k! They all have reasons close to their hearts for taking part, and these are just a few of the moving stories behind why it's #NotJustAVest for any of them.

"I'm running to spread awareness that one-in-four black men are affected by prostate cancer"

22 Apr 2016

Ray McGuire was inspired to go the London Marathon-distance for Prostate Cancer UK this weekend after his father-in-law Cleveland ‘Dave’ Davis died from the disease last year, aged 64. Now he’s determined to raise awareness of black men’s increased risk of prostate cancer raise.

"This is my chance to make sure others won’t suffer the way my family has"

19 Apr 2016

Having watched four members of her family battle prostate cancer, Jo Gregory will be running the London Marathon for us this weekend in memory of her dad, who died from the disease only last month. She tells us why it’s #NotJustAVest for her and hopes the money she raises will make a better future for her two sons.

“I’m getting my own back on prostate cancer”

18 Apr 2013

Annmarie Lewis shouldn’t be able to run long distances. She explains how her dad has inspired her to overcome her health issues and run the London Marathon for Prostate Cancer UK.