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The Manual: What's next after hormone therapy?

28 Mar 2018

Hormone therapy is a treatment that controls rather than cures prostate cancer that has spread, so we’re often asked what’s next if it stops working so well. Our Specialist Nurse, Patricia, looks at the options.

The Manual: products to help you deal with leaking urine after prostate cancer treatment

30 Jan 2018

Urinary incontinence (leaking urine) is a common side effect of prostate cancer surgery. For some men, lifestyle changes, bladder retraining and pelvic floor muscle exercises can help to reduce or stop the leaking. But if not, there are products and treatments available to help. Specialist Nurse, Sophie answers some common questions about ways to manage this problem.

Our top tips for coping with fatigue in the hot weather

1 Aug 2017

The hot summer weather can exacerbate the fatigue experienced by many men undergoing prostate cancer treatment. So our Specialist Nurse, Meg Burgess, explains what things you can do to help manage the discomfort – including the merits of a Mediterranean-style siesta.

Travel essentials: check off our list before you check in for your flight

6 Jul 2017

Travelling when you have prostate cancer doesn't have to change how or where you head on your holidays. But there are a few extra things to think about that will hopefully make things easier. From travel insurance to incontinence management, our Specialist Nurse, Ali Rooke, shares her top tips for your travel plans this summer.

The Manual: eating healthily with prostate cancer

25 Feb 2016

Our Specialist Nurse, Laura, answers some of your questions about diet and what foods to eat or avoid when you have prostate cancer.

The Manual: How to support a man with prostate cancer

21 Oct 2015

From what to say to how you can help, our Specialist Nurse offers her expert tips to supporting someone - and yourself - after a diagnosis.

Have prostate cancer, will travel

25 Aug 2015

Getting ready for your summer holidays abroad is stressful enough for anyone, but especially if you're managing prostate cancer. Our newly updated fact sheet on travelling with the disease takes the worry out of planning so you're free to explore the world.

The Manual: Getting active – your questions answered

21 Jul 2015

We’ve all heard that exercise is good for us, but what do we actually know about the links between physical activity and prostate cancer? And how can we fit exercise in to our own daily lives?

The Manual: Dealing with prostate cancer at the end of life

22 Apr 2015

EastEnders viewers have said a final goodbye to character Stan Carter, whose funeral took place this week. Over the last few months we've seen him dealing, in his own way, with the knowledge that he was going to die of prostate cancer. Here we answer difficult questions about coping with the news that you don't have long left to live, including some of the practical matters that may prey on your mind.

The Manual: Managing bone pain in advanced prostate cancer

18 Mar 2015

We've recently seen Stan Carter in EastEnders trying to deal with pain caused by his advanced prostate cancer and last night things came to a head as it was revealed the cancer has spread to his spine. If prostate cancer spreads to the bones, it weakens the bone and can cause pain. Here, our Specialist Nurse Lara Spiby answers your questions about managing bone pain.