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Prostate cancer during a second-wave of COVID-19: what we’re doing for men this winter.

20 Nov 2020

With COVID-19 cases rising, concerns around treatment delays and coronavirus itself have increased too. But as ever, we’re here for men through this winter.

Overcoming the challenges of the pandemic, together.

28 Aug 2020

We've achieved a huge amount for men with prostate cancer throughout the pandemic, thanks to you. We still face huge challenges, but we're more focused on our priorities than ever.

Men, we are with you through Covid19: 7 ways we’re working for men during the pandemic.

31 Jul 2020

Research labs were closed, men had their treatments delayed, and much of our activity grinded to a halt, but prostate cancer didn’t, so neither did we.

Urgent campaign: please take five minutes to tell your MP what prostate cancer research means to you.

30 Jun 2020

We face a cancer crisis following the pandemic. A few minutes of your time could help to protect decades of prostate cancer research.

Abiraterone: hormone therapy for advanced prostate cancer rejected, limiting options for older men.

26 Jun 2020

We condemn the NICE decision to reject abiraterone, limiting options for older men.

#OneCancerVoice: we join charities to call on government to restore cancer services impacted by Covid-19.

22 Jun 2020

Following the coronavirus crisis, there’s danger of a cancer crisis. Today we launch an action plan calling on 10 Downing Street and NHS England to get cancer services back on track.

NHS answers our call: men with newly diagnosed metastatic prostate cancer can access treatment during covid-19 crisis

7 May 2020

Thanks to you, treatments that are as effective as chemotherapy are now available for men to take at home.

mpMRI: progress in improving availability of best scans for diagnosis

3 Mar 2020

New data shows more men are getting access to the best scans for diagnosis, but there's more work to do.

Prostate cancer now most commonly diagnosed cancer in England

28 Jan 2020

New data shows prostate cancer is the most common cancer in the UK. Here's why it's not all bad news, and what we do next.

As prostate cancer deaths hit all-time high, we renew our MANifesto

16 Jan 2020

Our response to new data showing prostate cancer deaths hit a record high of 12,000 in one year.