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Woman thanks Bill Turnbull for saving her dad's life after TV revelation prompted check up

21 Dec 2018

Lisa Skinner met the presenter for a BBC Breakfast news story this week, crediting him going public about his prostate cancer for alerting her to her father's symptoms and catching his cancer early. We speak to Lisa and look back at the extraordinary impacts Bill Turnbull has had this year on driving awareness of the most common cancer in men.

Me, my dad and prostate cancer

11 Jun 2018

This Father's Day, there will be thousands of families dealing with prostate cancer – and many more remembering dads who have died from the disease. Four of our supporters share their experiences and what makes their dad so special.

“We donated our wedding day so nobody would have someone special missing on their day”

25 Aug 2017

After her dad was successfully treated for prostate cancer, Zoe Hegarty and her husband decided to use their nuptials to raise money and awareness of the disease. She tells us how the wedding guests reacted and why she'd encourage others to Donate your day for Prostate Cancer UK.

"Dad went into hospital and sadly didn’t come out"

14 Sep 2016

Premier League referee Lee Probert is one of the lucky few in his profession to have officiated an FA Cup Final, taking charge of 2014's showdown between Arsenal and Hull. He dedicated that emotional afternoon to his late father, who died from prostate cancer and spurred him on to fulfill his refereeing ambitions. Now he's joined the fight against the disease and will be swinging his clubs in the inaugural South West Prostate Cancer UK Open.

“Why I keep my late dad permanently at arm’s length”

25 Aug 2016

When Gav Palmer's dad died from prostate cancer, the Middlesbrough fan and tattoo lover came up with the perfect way of commemorating him and showing his support for Prostate Cancer UK.

"He was, and always will be, a top dad"

18 Jun 2016

Many families who've been through prostate cancer together will sadly be missing their dads tomorrow, but that doesn't mean they won't be celebrating them. Three tell us why their dads were so important to them.

"Talking to my dad about prostate cancer saved my life"

16 Jun 2016

After being estranged for five years, Brian White reluctantly met with his dad at a party and learnt of a family history of prostate cancer for the first time. The revelation went on to save the 42-year-old's life and helped him rebuild a relationship with his father.

"Riding into Amsterdam was a moment when the pain of dad's death got to me"

2 Jun 2016

After watching his dad suffer in silence with prostate cancer, Southend United CEO Steve Kavanagh is determined to make as much noise as possible about the disease using his connections in football. As he prepares to lead a team of cyclists in our Football to Amsterdam ride for the second time, he tells us why the personal emotions that drive him are still strong.

“Four months after my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer, I was too”

26 May 2016

Despite being just 45 and showing no symptoms, Andy Clarke was diagnosed with prostate cancer shortly after learning his father had the disease. He tells us how his wife and young sons reacted to the news and why being part of Men United is so important to him.

"My dad never got the chance to meet his granddaughter"

18 May 2016

Before his death from prostate cancer, Phil Griffith's dad encouraged all five of his sons to get a PSA test. Now with a young son of his own to worry about, Phil wants no black man to ignore their increased risk of the disease.